From the eastern travels of Aaron Levin:
We're proud to officially announce the eastern expansion of the Wyrd cosmos. Thanks to the exceptionally hard-work of Jesse Locke, Gabriel de Jasmin, and Suoni Per Il Popolo, Wyrd MTL will invade Montreal on Monday June 20, 2011. The format and philosophy remain pure; a double-stage frenzy of fringe adjectives will blaze through an evening stacked with over ten performers. With a secondary stage built specifically for Wyrd MTL, the folks at La Sala Rossa have gone the extra-extra mile and are housing a "MEGA BAZARR" of merch featuring visual art, purveyors of printed matter and Canada’s finest record labels. There is also tell of a taco truck hitting the pavement at 7pm. Full line-up and set-times below! For further information, visit here. 8:00 :: HEADACHES (Toronto, ON) -- Cortex dream jams from the cyborg mind of Landon Speers -- why we love them: here. 8:30 :: SHORTPANTS ROMANCE (Montreal, QC) -- Blitzkrieg garage punk and femme fatale charms -- why we love them: here. 9:00 :: ULTRATHIN (Montreal, QC) -- Scab-blasting noise-rock from three skinny dudes -- why we love them: here. 9:30 :: THE FRIENDLY DIMENSION (Halifax, NS) -- The black holy vortex into total freak-rock oblivion -- why we love them: here. 10:00 :: MAN MADE HILL (Toronto, ON) -- Dungeon dwelling one-man funk machine -- why we love them: here. 10:30 :: HOBO EXPANDING CULT BAND (Montreal, QC) -- A one-off collaboration from Hobo Cubes, Femminieli, JLK, Sundrips, Element Kuuda and more! -- why we love them: here. 11:00 :: DREAMCATCHER (Montreal, QC) -- Mind-smudging experimental spookery -- why we love them: here. 11:30 :: LANTERN (Montreal // Halifax // Philadelphia) -- Psych-blues freak-outs from the Zachary Fairbrother smoke ring -- why we love them: here. 12:00 :: DIRTY BEACHES (Vancouver, BC) -- Film noir nomad riding on a lonely highway -- why we love them: here. 12:30 :: D’EON (Montreal, QC) -- Terry meets Teddy Riley on a g-funk rollercoaster -- why we love them: here.