From the eastern travels of Aaron Levin:
Weird Canada's expansion into the eastern cosmos won't stop at Wyrd MTL. On the Saturday before, we'll be stopping in Toronto for a very, very special show with the perennial Flemish Eye to celebrate Weird Canada's Searchlight victory. For easterners within the vicinity of Toronto, prepare for some heavy wig peeling: 9:00 :: GRIMES (Montreal, QC) -- Cosmic pop deity -- why we love her: here. 10:00 :: JENNIFER CASTLE (Toronto, ON) -- Mystic folk moves -- why we love her: here. 11:00 :: BRAIDS (Montreal, QC // Calgary, AB) -- Complex, undulating pulses -- why we love them: here. 12:00 :: CHAD VANGAALEN (Calgary, AB) -- The man. The mystery. The magnetism. -- why we love him: here. 01:00 :: DUZHEKNEW (Halifax, NS) -- Interdimensional pop warble -- why we love them: here. Date: Saturday June 18, 2011 Location: The Great Hall Doors: 8:00pm