From the mild drug dependence of Michael Deane:
Cut up collage comp vids of found footage and cable access standouts are good even when they’re done lazily, and they're endlessly entertaining when someone puts in the effort. Moduli TV has done it well for Silver Dapple, infusing random clips with a thematic narrative. There’s purpose and flow in the shaking, distorted images, and it’s matched by fuzzed-out shoegazing guitars plus stomping and running drums. With strange breaks, disconcerting dance and exercise videos and quick excerpts of VHS garbage, the video is a stand-out on its own; it changes enough to keep you guessing, and every frame seems picked for intrigue and discomfort. The song itself is a mild drug that slowly builds dependence. Female vox soar over thick guitars and bass and the punctuating drums make you pay attention. Altered collage rock done right, and a full-length coming out soon. Get ready to grip, or grip now in advance.