From the captain cookery of Tobias Rochman:
Actual Water have been spitting out some freaky-deaky and/or brilliant low run tapes and lathes over the past few years. Now they’re finally gearing up for their first full-length LP, which comes out next month on Unfamiliar. I'm happy to report that the promo-video/single has just dropped and the weird ones have caught it. The group is working some happy, Flying Nun thing that’s a nice change of weather from all the goth-waves washing up our shores. Please don't let me be misunderstood. I love all the depressing blizzard-queen/rave-witch stuff, but it's great to take a short break from it as the weather starts to get colder. That's how I'm feeling anyway. I've always liked director Danielle Nemet's photo-blog, Sombre Reptiles, so it's nice her footage puts you in the same warm-world as the snapshots. Kinda had my fingers crossed the singer would bust out rapping by the end but he never did. It's still the most fun video I've seen in a long time. Thanks Actual Water!