From the dangerous liaisons of Jesse Locke:
For the past six weeks, my life flipped from Weird Canada editor to Dirty Beaches drummer/driver on a motorik expedition through Europe. The montage above (filmed by Alex Zhang Hungtai on iPhone’s 8mm video app, ‘natch) gives a glimpse into the 23 hours we spent each day in-between shows, including white knuckle mountain drives, parking lot slow dances, basement bro tats in Copenhagen, behind-the-scenes footage from a food blog in Belgium, sexy wallpaper in Rotterdam, and a potentially NSFW truck-stop washroom purchase. Meanwhile, the soundtrack provides snippets of our in-car listening: Alice Coltrane, Liaisons Dangereuses, Mac DeMarco, a Nick Cave audiobook, etc. Big ups to Elias, Jakob, Etienne, multiple Chrises, Francesco, Line, Edda, Brando, Michael, Yann, Tess, Tara, and anyone else who made this tour a blast. Viva Europa!