Ex Libris Re-Introduction
We are beyond excited to re-introduce** our exploration into the written word: Ex Libris. Our fastidious mathemagician David Steinberg has taken hold of our literary reigns and shall steer us towards the paper-ridden dawn of grammafried glory. The world of words is massive and largely undocumented; from zines to novels (fiction and non; experimental and straight), an infinum of lines, scrawls, letters, and ideas have been committed to paper and cherished beneath private lights and dusted corners. We hope to bring this precious world to you, in scannerific glory. To celebrate, all posts this week will be Ex Libris. Please join us for this new journey. * Photochop inspired by Canadian composer R. Murray Schafer's The Tuning of the World. It will be featured in Ex Libris soon enough. If Levin can both finish and understand the tome. (thanks to Philly record/book monger Mark Johnson for the wonderful present). ** While we have previously featured Ex Libris posts, we've yet to sail upon a ship with a captain as gloried as monsieur Steinberg.