Needles//Pins - 12:34
From the chipped teeth of James Lindsay:
The punky power-pop pandemic that’s been percolating over the last few years has come to a boil, and it goes to show that the music seeded to us in late puberty has begun to bloom. Everything we heard at house parties and smoky afterschool basements has fully germinated, fed over the years by long-term practitioners, unashamed of their love of catchy accessibility (see Young Guv and his tickle trunk of 7 and 10”s) and the resurfacing and reissuing of late ’70s nuggets from bands that fall somewhere between The Ramones and Cheap Trick. Vancouver’s Needles//Pins are leading the pack of these chipped toothed bubblegum chewers, making music best suited for the summer months or crushing out on the cute girl from homeroom on the first day of class. Suddenly the Screeching Weasels of the world have never felt so relevant.