Lantern and The Ether Split Cassette Cover
From the cutting-edge theoretics of Gabriel Jasmin:
Lantern’s burning proto-punk and wah-wah workouts provide a much needed headbang session to strengthen those aging neck tendons. Their cover of this trashcan anthem further proves the cutting-edge theory that silverface fuzz blows away synth-banjo, any day. Meanwhile, The Ether’s destructo-wave ripples into black holes, a dense mass constantly on the verge of implosion. Here and there, a sparse guitar lead escapes the confines, a split-second before the void pulls you back head first into its crushing fury. Must grip!
[audio:|titles=The Ether - Permanent State of Grace] The Ether - Permanent State of Grace [audio:|titles=Lantern - America is my Zoo] Lantern - America is my Zoo