Fraser/Serada - Fraser/Serada
From the shaking closet of Christopher Laramee:
Here’s a strange one. Apparently a vocal duo from Cowtown, Fraser/Serada somehow recall the tubular groaning of the galactic refrigerator, prime Stars of the Lid seepage with some Ligeti-fucked choral thrust peering through the dusk. Three untitled tracks in about 28 minutes, the source material being the throat exhales of Josh Fraser and Aaron Serada. The second piece gets my vote for scariest atmosphere I’ve heard in quite some time. When you're trapped in an oscillating coffin, no one can hear you scream. The fact that this is created using only the human voice (plus FX) is truly nutzoid! The third track’s crypt rhythms and blackened intonations scared the living shit out of my cats and caused me to lock the door. Essential listening and some of the most truly OUT THERE damage in recent times. Get it all costs!