From the robotic reincarnation of Gabriel Jasmin:
Admittedly, Postcards’ demise was a little pinch to the heart, but this self-released lathe-cut single celebrates their rebirth into contemporary grounds of retro minimalism. The A side’s About It sets the tone, spotlighting the cold and bare thumping stabs of sequenced bass synth. The flipside picks up the pace, yet the vocals and atmosphere remain as cool and removed as can be. Ditching the rock band realm, Chevalier Avant Garde expectantly manage to distill their past displays of mysterious, expressive - and excellent - songwriting into the squarer shape of YouTube-revived European minimal synth singles of the ’80s.
[audio:|titles=Chevalier Avant Garde - About It] Chevalier Avant Garde - About It [audio:|titles=Chevalier Avant Garde - Haircut] Chevalier Avant Garde - Haircut