From the ethereal choral of Aaron Levin:
There is an unusually wild Post-Hardcore scene thriving in Alberta. Untamed teenaged beasts running rampant with empty lungs and fists full of camaraderie. A singularity festering within our western abandon. It all culminates in an annual festival aptly named Ghost Throats. Organized by some familiar names within the Weird Canada cosmos (Kevin Stebner (Bart Records), Andrew Benson (Crippled Children), and Cecil Frena (GOBBLE GOBBLE)), the festival veers from the pop pantheon and remains harshly fringe, obliterating audiences with condensed signals of sound and idea. Date: Friday, May 13th through Sunday, May 15th, 2011. Location: Alberta Avenue Community Hall (9210 118 Avenue Northwest) Price: $10 per day or $20 for a 3-day advance pass All Ages Welcome (!!!) Friday May 13, 2011 Crippled Children (Edmonton, AB) Todos Caerán (Edmonton, AB) Brain Fever (Calgary, AB) Auld Beak (Saskatoon, SK) Book of Caverns (Edmonton, AB) La Maladresse (Levis, QC) Saturday May 14, 2011 Slowhand (Edmonton, AB) Coalspur (St Alberta, AB) Monkey (Calgary, AB) Flint (Edmonton, AB) Watcher (Victoria, BC) Stalwart Sons (Calgary, AB) White Ribs (Nanaimo, BC) Damages (Vancouver, BC) Sunday May 15, 2011 Mahria (Edmonton, AB) Maus (Edmonton, AB) GSTS (Abbotsford, BC) Wolfgoat (Edmonton, AB) Cope (Edmonton, AB) Tempest (Vancouver, BC)