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New Canadiana :: Aim Low & Les Beyond – String Theory

Aim Low & Les Beyond - String TheoryAim Low & Les Beyond - String Theory

This collaboration is an innerspace alarm clock that will wake the tiniest specks of your being. Drone-stars team up with a precision picker to create the soundtrack to an eternity in a jettisonned escape pod. These orchestral bellows will vibrate your brain, making you explicitly aware of the existence of your eardrums.

Cette collaboration est telle une alarme programmée pour réveiller les particules les plus infimes de votre espace intérieur. Ces vedettes du drone font équipe avec un choix précis afin de créer la bande sonore d’une éternité passée à la dérive, dans un nacelle de sauvetage. Ces souffles orchestraux feront vibrer votre cerveau, vous mettant explicitement au courant de l’existence de vos tympans.

Aim Low & Les Beyond – String Theory (excerpt)

Aim Low & Les Beyond – Guitar Trio (Rhys Chatham cover) (excerpt)

New Canadiana :: Ocular Gymnastics – Vol. 1

Ocular Gymnastics - Vol. 1
Encased in a squeeze box of screen printed palms, Ocular Gymnastics’ debut transmission is as lavishly packaged as it is blissful. Pedal-jammed Casio meditations cast ripples across the mind-pond while the mountain of found-sound percussion clanks and rattles down the cortex. Only Moduli TV could provide suitable visual accompaniment for these C.H.U.D. ravers in a tropical time-warp à la Bamboo For Two.

[audio:http://weirdcanada.com/binary/Weird_Canada-Ocular_Gymnastics-Side_A.mp3|titles=Ocular Gymnastics – Side A] Ocular Gymnastics – Side A
[audio:http://weirdcanada.com/binary/Weird_Canada-Ocular_Gymnastics-Side_B.mp3|titles=Ocular Gymnastics – Side B] Ocular Gymnastics – Side B

New Canadiana :: CFCF – c28

(They Live We Sleep)
Montreal, QC

From the popul magic of Jesse Locke:
Bobbing down chopped ‘n’ screwed rapids like a nightbus driver swilling drank, Montreal’s Mike Silver (a.k.a. CFCF) floods ear canals with this limited edition tape dub of The River EP. Tapping into the tropical zones of Popul Vuh’s Fitzcarraldo soundtrack, the scene is set with gleaming pools of synth before drifting into jungle (not Junglist) beats, haunted mansion pianos and hair-curling steam blasts. They Live We Sleep founder Rob Feulner (a.k.a. Video Nasties) also graced the EP standout with a hypnolasagnic clip melding memories from Garfield and Friends™. The burden of dreaminess rests on all involved.
[audio:http://weirdcanada.com/binary/CFCF-nevermeant.mp3|titles=CFCF – It Was Never Meant To Be This Way] CFCF – It Was Never Meant To Be This Way
[audio:http://weirdcanada.com/binary/CFCF-theriver.mp3|titles=CFCF – The River] CFCF -The River