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Transfusion :: Wyrd MTL

With less than a week until Wyrd MTL we’re excited to offer a quickie sampler mix spotlighting the 10 artists from this year’s inaugural lineup. All have been previously featured on Weird Canada, and will appear in the flesh on Monday, June 20 at La Sala Rossa. Grip your tickets!

[audio:http://weirdcanada.com/binary/WYRD-MTL-2011-MIX.mp3|titles=Wyrd MTL 2011 Mix (track-listing below)] Wyrd MTL 2011 Mix


[00:00] :: Lantern – “I Don’t Know”
[03:50] :: Ultrathin – “Glass City”
[06:40] :: Dreamcatcher – “Dr. Clawk”
[10:15] :: Hobo Cubes – “Through The Ages”
[12:57] :: Dirty Beaches – “Coast to Coast”
[17:17] :: The Friendly Dimension – “Executive Koala”
[20:25] :: Shortpants Romance – “Heatwave”
[21:15] :: Man Made Hill – “Er Her”
[23:20] :: D’eon – “Thousand Mile Trench”
[29:08] :: Headaches – “Poor Decisions”

Wyrd MTL :: Realities Emerge on Monday June 20, 2011!

We’re proud to officially announce the eastern expansion of the Wyrd cosmos. Thanks to the exceptionally hard-work of Jesse Locke, Gabriel de Jasmin, and Suoni Per Il Popolo, Wyrd MTL will invade Montreal on Monday June 20, 2011. The format and philosophy remain pure; a double-stage frenzy of fringe adjectives will blaze through an evening stacked with over ten performers. With a secondary stage built specifically for Wyrd MTL, the folks at La Sala Rossa have gone the extra-extra mile and are housing a “MEGA BAZARR” of merch featuring visual art, purveyors of printed matter and Canada’s finest record labels. There is also tell of a taco truck hitting the pavement at 7pm. Full line-up and set-times below! For further information, visit here.

8:00 :: HEADACHES (Toronto, ON)
— Cortex dream jams from the cyborg mind of Landon Speers
— why we love them: here.

8:30 :: SHORTPANTS ROMANCE (Montreal, QC)
— Blitzkrieg garage punk and femme fatale charms
— why we love them: here.

9:00 :: ULTRATHIN (Montreal, QC)
— Scab-blasting noise-rock from three skinny dudes
— why we love them: here.

— The black holy vortex into total freak-rock oblivion
— why we love them: here.

10:00 :: MAN MADE HILL (Toronto, ON)
— Dungeon dwelling one-man funk machine
— why we love them: here.

10:30 :: HOBO EXPANDING CULT BAND (Montreal, QC)
— A one-off collaboration from Hobo Cubes, Femminieli, JLK, Sundrips, Element Kuuda and more!
— why we love them: here.

11:00 :: DREAMCATCHER (Montreal, QC)
— Mind-smudging experimental spookery
— why we love them: here.

11:30 :: LANTERN (Montreal // Halifax // Philadelphia)
— Psych-blues freak-outs from the Zachary Fairbrother smoke ring
— why we love them: here.

12:00 :: DIRTY BEACHES (Vancouver, BC)
— Film noir nomad riding on a lonely highway
— why we love them: here.

12:30 :: D’EON (Montreal, QC)
— Terry meets Teddy Riley on a g-funk rollercoaster
— why we love them: here.