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Festivities :: Kazoo! Fest 2016


Kazoo! Fest oozes out over 5 days in the intimate downtown core of Guelph. The 8th Kazoo! runs from April 6-10 2016, and soars to hit every weird sweet spot imaginable. An experiential annual delight, lifting our sneakers above the clouds.

What can you expect this year in the Royal City, where everything rules? A tightly curated lineup of everyone’s favourite darlings, dreamers, stoners, visionaries, originators, best bad dads, experimenters, soul lifters, and heart tuggers are charming your ears over 5 blissed-out days.

Check out the Guelph Night Market (buy handmade stuff at night); Golden Bus Film Screenings (featuring Life of a Craphead’s Bugs); contemporary dance; improv with The Making Box; the Kazoo! Print Expo; experiential art installations like the TrinkeTron 6750; plus live visuals and art gushing all over town.

Meet us at Vienna’s for breakfast?

Kazoo! Fest s’écoule le long de 5 jours dans l’intimité du coeur du centre-ville de Guelph. Le 8e Kazoo! a lieu du 6 au 10 avril 2016, et s’enligne pour toucher à tous les points forts du weird. Un délice annuel expérientiel, qui élève nos baskets par dessus les nuages.

À quoi pouvez-vous vous attendre cette année dans la cité royale, où régnent toutes sortes d’expression créative? Une programmation soigneusement sélectionnée des bien-aimés, rêveurs, stoners, visionnaires, initiateurs, méchants pères, expérimenteurs, leveurs d’esprit, et vibreurs de cordes sensibles préférés de tout le monde vous enchante les oreilles pendant 5 jours de félicité.

Découvrez le marché de nuit, le Guelph Night Market (achetez des items faits à la mains la nuit); les Golden Bus Film Screenings (en vedette, Bugs de Life of a Craphead); de la danse contemporaine; de l’impro chez The Making Box; l’exposition d’imprimerie de Kazoo!; des installations d’art expérientielles telle que le TrinkeTron 6750; et encore bien plus de montages visuels en direct et d’art qui jaillissent partout dans la ville. 

Rendez-vous chez Vienna pour le déjeuner?

New Canadiana :: Various Artists – Funeral at a Meth Lab

Various Artists - Funeral at a Meth Lab

As someone who came up discovering Toronto’s music scene from a distance, Offerings has been one of the most crucial publications I’ve encountered in recent years. This 18-song compilation is a glimpse into the amazing community that has been supported and celebrated in their hallowed pages. Coming off as a dream lineup for the next Wyrd Fest, this tape could also double as the Solaris Top 40. The comp sees some familiar faces rise out from the woodwork armed with potent new jams that fit in perfectly with the already golden hits that are on here. Mutant punk meets mutant concrète, while soul meditations groove alongside kosmische explorations. Rumour has it you can even hear a bonus cut from the Ford Noise Tape if you listen closely. Is this what they play after hours at the Eaton Centre?

J’ai découvert la scène musicale de Toronto à distance et je dois dire qu’Offerings a été l’une des publications les plus cruciales que j’ai découvertes ces dernières années. Cette compilation de 18 chansons donne un aperçu de la formidable communauté qui a été soutenue et célébrée dans les pages bénies de cette publication. Cela ressemble à une programmation de rêve pour la prochaine édition du Wyrd Fest, mais cela pourrait tout aussi bien servir de Solaris Top 40. On trouve sur cette compilation aussi bien des têtes connues qui surgissent d’un peu partout que des nouveaux venus très convaincants qui cadrent parfaitement avec les titres à succès présents ici. À la croisée du punk mutant et de Mutant Concrète, les méditations soul côtoient les explorations cosmiques. Il paraît qu’en tendant l’oreille on peut même entendre un extrait de la fameuse cassette de Ford. C’est ça qu’ils passent au Centre Eaton après la fermeture?

Tenderness – Orphans Howling in the Wild

Isla Craig – Flute Song

Wasted Nymph – Dancer

New Canadiana :: Various Artists – F R U I T S

Various Artists - F R U I T S

This platter flows over with a prismatic array of bodacious sounds and mixed mood-inducers from Toronto’s female class of fall 2013. The nine exclusive tunes include Isla Craig’s soft shimmer, Bile Sister wave-dancing in her rave cave, and a freshly bucked ‘n’ blended devotional banger from Tenderness. The righteous Lido Pimienta leads the charge with martial snares and multi-tracked vocals that could summon the revolution, while the all-powerful Petra Glynt booms through a blacklit underground opera hall. Grip this disc quick and get a bonus baggie of bath salts from the krautrock-inspired scents of Spa Kosmische.

Ce disque résonne de façon remarquable au moyen d’une gamme prismatique et d’une sensibilité inductrice jouées par des Torontoises de la cuvée printemps 2013. Les neuf chansons exclusives incluent le doux chatoiement d’Isla Craig, l’onde dansante à caractère rave de sous-sol de Bile Sister, et le tout nouveau lancement de ruade tordant, plein de dévotion de Tenderness. La vertueuse Lido Pimienta mène la cadence avec des pièges martiaux et de multiples pistes vocales qui pourraient appeler à la révolution, pendant que l’omnipotente Petra Glynt retentit dans une salle d’opéra souterraine éclairée à contre-jour. Procurez-vous rapidement ce disque et obtenez en bonus un sac de bain de sel au parfum d’inspiration krautrock de Spa Kosmische.

Petra Glynt – This You Need

Tenderness – Orphans Howling in the Wild (Bucked & Blended Mix)

Lido Pimienta – I Want You To Do Well

Wyrd MTL II :: Thursday, June 14

Wyrd Montreal II - June 14, 2012
We are excited to announce the second annual Wyrd Montreal festival occurring Thursday, June 14 2012! Once again, we have teamed with beloved experimental music festival Suono Per Il Popolo to offer a multi-stage showcase of boundary pushing artists from the northernly fringes. Alongside the returning Mega Merch Bazaar (featuring a selection of Canada’s best record labels) Weird Canada will be taking over both La Sala Rossa and Casa del Popolo simultaneously for a one-night-only cornucopia of sinusoidal delight. This will allow fans the chance to bounce back and forth between the two bars conveniently located across the street from one another. Should fans find themselves needing a respite between wondrous electronics and/or bludgeoning chaos, experimental DJs Aaron Levin and Hobo Cubes will take residency in Casa del Popolo delivering a strange brew of new age, electronic, and avant psychedelics.

Date: Thursday June 14, 2012
Venue #1: La Sala Rossa (4848 Boulevard Saint-Laurent, Montreal)
Venue #2: Casa del Popolo (4873 Boulevard Saint-Laurent, Montreal)
Cost: $10 (adv.) / $12 (door)
Doors: 8pm


La Sala Rossa
Brave Radar
Dog Day
Actual Water
Coca Cola (U.S. Girls + Slim Twig)

Casa del Popolo
Energetic Action
Bobo Boutin

Artist Bios

Coca Cola (U.S. Girls + Slim Twig) (Toronto)

Continuing Wyrd’s philosophy of unique collaborations, we’re proud to include a rare performance by this duo known as Coca Cola. Combining the rhythmic polyphonies of Toronto’s Slim Twig with the miasmic chaos of U.S. Girls, Coca Cola conjure an arpeggiated ethos of Cluster-inspired jammery. Expect a fantastic array of electronic drone and perturbed psychedelics.

Actual Water (Toronto)

Born in the depths of Ben Cook’s (Fucked Up, Young Guv, Bitters) epic space in East Toronto, Actual Water’s jangled power-pop transforms their 12-string anthems and insatiable marimba-laced punk into vocal bonanzas and summery attitudes. Every song is laced with their flowering ’60s slacker vibes and live the whole calamity is wrapped by frontman Tony’s enigmatic ‘tude. Stoked!

Drainolith (Montreal)

Drainolith is the multi-throned oscillating 8-bit transmigration of Montreal native Alex Moskos (ex-guitarist for the now defunct AIDS Wolf). Diving deep into polyrhythmic hood jams and clamouring solos of synthetic marvel, Drainolith hams heavy, agnostic experimentalism into a creative vehicle the world may or may not be ready to digest.

Energetic Action (Edmonton)

Edmonton, Alberta is home to many improbable entities, and Energetic Action’s revisionist goth-punk paradigm is no exception. Straddling the unknown line between The Pop Group and This Heat, their impossible rhythms and extravagant performances wrap an undisturbed nascency into music hardened by generations of nuclear waste. A certified western anomaly.

Brave Radar (Montreal)

Local Montreal darlings Brave Radar have kept quiet a long time. So long, in fact, that we reluctantly started to believe their demise. We can barely conceive they’ll be back on stage with brand new oblique pop sweetness.

Bobo Boutin (Montreal)

Ex-Les Georges Leningrad drummer Bobo Boutin inhabits a delirious world of warped electronics. One man, yet an overwhelming performance slowly mounting into a frenzy of nightmarish proportions.

Dog Day (Halifax)

Dog Day’s bent alt-rock resonates with grand designs. Seth and Nancy are husband and wife, a charming duo who constantly keep slinging sharp and heavy anti-heroic hooks at every corner.

Tenderness (Toronto)

With bizarre loop sampling wizardry, cracked electronics and sexy sax swoons, Chrissy Reichert redefines any conceivable notions of contemporary R & B. Tenderness is not to be missed, because true originality comes in small doses.

New Canadiana :: Tenderness – The Axe Is Ready At The Tree

Free-floating memories of Sunday morning devotionals merge with the holy ghost of Ann Peebles on this earth-rattling rave-up in the name of. Fresh to def with instantaneous heft and a front-to-back set of unshakeable tunes, Chrissy Reichert’s pitch (and paradigm) shifted bangers twist up Tranzac avant-squawk with dusted brother ‘No C’ Zukerman, including feline sound effects guaranteed to freak out your cats. Tenderness could be 2012’s sonic salvation. Get ur grip on.

Les souvenirs flottants des dévotions de dimanche matin fusionnent avec le Saint-Esprit d’Ann Peebles dans cette rave stupéfiante au nom de. Au courant avec le poids instantané et une série côte à côte de tounes inébranlables, les morceaux décalés et paradigme-changeants tordent l’avant-cri de Tranzac avec le frère saupoudré ‘No C’ Zukerman, y compris les effets sonores félins qui sont garantis de faire capoter tes chats. Tenderness peut être le salut sonique de 2012. Saute dessus.

Tenderness – We Lay Our Broken World In Sorrow At Your Feet

Tenderness – The Axe Is Ready At The Tree

New Canadiana :: Shortpants Romance – Shotgun Divorce

You can do so much with punk while keeping it simple. Like a bass-less power trio. If there was a thing such as post-grunge, what would you do with it? You’d hurt it a bit for sure, just for fun, and then you’d regret it with a bit of melancholy – somewhere between tenderness and force, between romance and guns. Just so it feels good. Here, the words are shouted or whispered like a mantra by a ghost from the 90s and the riffs, tight or loose, are sweating out the max of fun you can get out of anxiety. Weirdly cathartic.

On peut faire ben des choses avec le punk tout en gardant ça simple. Un power trio pas de basse. S’il y avait une chose telle que le post-grunge, qu’est-ce que tu ferais avec? Tu lui ferais mal pour le fun et après tu le regretterais d’un trait de mélancolie – entre la tendresse et la force, entre la romance et les fusils. Pour que ça fasse du bien. Les mots sont criés ou coulent comme un mantra susurré à ton oreille par un fantôme des 90s et les riffs, serrés ou lousses, transpirent le plaisir possible à travers l’angoisse. Bizarrement cathartique.

Shortpants Romance – Low End

Shortpants Romance – Les Chiméres