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New Canadiana :: SB – Relaxed by Craft


This smooth, hazy, sunshine-slacker is a moody heavy-lidded atmospheric romp in sun-dappled oblivion. Fully realized and materialized by Logan Holmes in the Greenhouse. At dusk shut your eyes to the sun, lizard-like, and let the last of its heat and light melt your neomammalian complex. Resolution. Beck.

Ce slacker ensoleillé, fluide et brumeux est une pièce maussade, hermétique et atmosphérique dans un oubli tacheté de soleil. Entièrement réalisé et produit par Logan Holmes aux studios Greenhouse. Au crépuscule, ferme les yeux sous le soleil, comme un lézard, et laisse les dernières parcelles de sa chaleur et de sa lumière fondre ton complexe néo-mammalien. Dénouement. Beck.

SB – Thunderbird

SB – Always Passing

New Canadiana :: Diana – Perpetual Surrender

Diana - Perpetual Surrender

Perpetual Surrender is a perfect lounge-pop record. Spun of magenta silk and scintillant sequins, fluid melodies are sown artfully to confident experimentation. Army girl Carmen Elle may at any moment coo coyly to seduce or sharply switch to lashing poignancy. Synths swaddle the mood under winking, starlit skies before yanking guitar solos spill out over the twilit haze. The recordings bear the post-whatever novelty of saxophone weep, punchy drum machine and reverb sass, giving us berth upon a familiar ship to new tropical sands.

Perpetual Surrender est un disque lounge-pop parfait. Tissées d’une soie magenta et de paillettes scintillantes, de fluides mélodies sont disséminées artistiquement dans une expérimentation pleine d’assurance. À tout moment, Carmen Elle, d’Army girl, pourrait roucouler pudiquement pour séduire ou passer brusquement à une intensité poignante. Les synthétiseurs emmaillotent l’atmosphère sous le clignotement des ciels étoilés avant que les coups secs des solos de guitare débordent sur le brouillard crépusculaire. Les enregistrements supportent l’innovation post-tout des lamentations du saxophone, du dynamisme de la boîte à rythmes et de la réverbération audacieuse, nous donnant couchette sur un navire familier vers de nouveaux sables tropicaux.

Diana – Perpetual Surrender

Diana – Anna

Departures :: Lewis – L’Amour [1983]

Lewis - L'Amour
Thanks to the hard work of Numero Group‘s Rob Sevier, the world’s most epic soft-synth mumbler has been caught with a Canadian citizenship. What started with a chance pull in an Edmonton flea-market by one Jon Murphy, ended in a bewildering world-wide phenomenon of softness. Lewis’ lone LP from 1983 is as unusual as it is delicate; an incomprehensible whispered drawl lingers above mysts of smooth-laced synthesizers and nylon guitar as Lewis croons his way through inaudible love, suffering, and mid-afternoon bliss. The confusion accelerates as you begin to dissect the record: dedications to Christie Brinkley, an incredible facsimile on the cover (looking surprisingly like Aaron Levin), a record label named R.A.W., and a history of rip-offs and potential murders (uncovered by multiple individuals tracking members associated with Lewis’ LP). In the end there are no answers. Lewis remains a mystery, with only his name (not Lewis), citizenship (Canadian), and a PO Box in Hawaii. I once found five copies in Calgary, Alberta, which makes me believe this unidentified future softness began in the heart of wild roses. But we may only wonder. Until then, enjoy the most incomprehensible album in the universe (yes, it’s softer than THOMAS). If you can transcribe the lyrics to “I Thought The World of You” I will give you a rare record. [Special thanks for those involved in uncovering the Lewis mystery (and laughing at me when I began to champion it): Jon Murphy, Rob Sevier, Jack Fernwood, and Douglas McGowan].

[audio:http://weirdcanada.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/01-I-Thought-The-World-of-You.mp3|titles=Lewis – I Thought The World of You] Lewis – I Thought The World of You
[audio:http://weirdcanada.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/09-Love-Showered-Me.mp3|titles=Lewis – Love Showered Me] Lewis – Love Showered Me
[audio:http://weirdcanada.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/02-Cool-Night-In-Paris.mp3|titles=Lewis – Cool Night In Paris] Lewis – Cool Night In Paris

New Canadiana :: Tenderness – The Axe Is Ready At The Tree

Tenderness - The Axe Is Ready At The Tree
Free-floating memories of Sunday morning devotionals merge with the holy ghost of Ann Peebles on this earth-rattling rave-up in the name of. Fresh to def with instantaneous heft and a front-to-back set of unshakeable tunes, Chrissy Reichert’s pitch (and paradigm) shifted bangers twist up Tranzac avant-squawk with dusted brother ‘No C’ Zukerman, including feline sound effects guaranteed to freak out your cats. Tenderness could be 2012’s sonic salvation. Get ur grip on.

[audio:http://weirdcanada.com/binary/Weird_Canada-Tenderness-Broken.mp3|titles=Tenderness – We Lay Our Broken World In Sorrow At Your Feet] Tenderness – We Lay Our Broken World In Sorrow At Your Feet
[audio:http://weirdcanada.com/binary/Weird_Canada-Tenderness-Axe.mp3|titles=Tenderness – The Axe Is Ready At The Tree] Tenderness – The Axe Is Ready At The Tree

New Canadiana :: Taiwan – Belladonna

File Under: Angelo Badalamelty. Stealthily trailing his previous tone-float into the celestial spring, Phil Dickau reemerges with the ill-omened warble jams of Taiwan. Hidden deep in the mustiest corners of the Black Lodge, he re-imagines Twin Peaks’ timeless soundworld as a nightmaric smooth jazz Buddha Box. Groove to the sound of your mind liquefied.

[audio:http://weirdcanada.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/13-B04.mp3|titles=Taiwan – B04] Taiwan – B04
[audio:http://weirdcanada.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/02-A02.mp3|titles=Taiwan – A02] Taiwan – A02

New Canadiana :: THOMAS – Janela

Janela burns eternal; an outlier within the data-set of cosmic dance musik. Layers of its breath carry our spirits, buoyed by waves of emotional grace. Each listening a ceremony; a christening for THOMAS’ ascension. Every song a Eucharist; a celebration for the last feast of genre. And each movement brimming with quanta of popular majesty, shimmering in sync by the union of the jazz. It is heaven. It is joy. It is love. Janela is our last supper. And our revelation. Join hands, minds, and hearts with your neighbour as our spirits dance with ecclesiastical smoothness into the heavens of rhythm and bass.

[audio:http://weirdcanada.com/binary/Weird_Canada-Thomas-Thank_You.mp3|titles=THOMAS – (Without So Much As A) Thank You] THOMAS – (Without So Much As A) Thank You
[audio:http://weirdcanada.com/binary/Weird_Canada-Thomas-Janela.mp3|titles=THOMAS – Janela] THOMAS – Janela