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New Canadiana :: Slim Twig – A Hound At The Hem

Slim Twig - A Hound at the Hem

Narrative machismo pop madness, horribly disfigured in a strange-yet-bewitching time machine accident. Slim Twig collides with a mine of baroque psychedelia and art-rock in the haywire patch bay of a lopsided, dusty old synth, misplaced in an opera hall’s dilapidated orchestra pit. Haunting warps and warbles meld in an innocent-seeming act of sinister hypnotism. Dense and intense.

Une pop narrative démente empreinte de machisme, puis horriblement défigurée dans un étrange mais envoûtant accident de machine à voyager dans le temps. Slim Twig exploite une mine d’or de psychédélisme baroque et d’art-rock dans la console déprogrammée d’un vieux synthétiseur poussiéreux égaré dans la fosse d’orchestre délabrée d’une salle d’opéra. Des trémolos déformés et lancinants se fondent dans un tourbillon d’hypnose sinistre. Dense et intense.

Slim Twig – Maintain The Charade

Slim Twig – Shroud By The Sheetful

New Canadiana :: Slim Twig – Sof’ Sike

Slim Twig - Sof Sike

This slab of weirdo basement dwelling pomp-pop-prog appears outta nowhere (for me, anyway). The Zombies trading pants with Freddie Mercury in a changing room, ol’ Slim and company hit their stride on the latest in a long line of releases (with plenty more to come). There’s some Iggy boogie here as well, most obviously on “Priscilla”, a song torn from the same sonic shirt as The Idiot, and all the better for it. “Madeline Has A Body” is a warning or a celebration of a lady who will sit you down and voodoo your ass. It’s an organ driven shifting-between-moonbeams winner. I’m hearing a lot of angles, like Boces-era Mercury Rev sharing a sleeping bag with Todd Rundgren. Sparks? Hell yeah! The record Meat Loaf should’ve made after Bat Out Of Hell? Sure. Have a whiskey and slap some backs, Slim, you’ve earned it!

Ce bloc de bizarroïde de prog pomp-pop de sous-sol apparaît de nulle-part (pour moi, en tout cas). Les Zombies échangeant de pantalons avec Freddie Mercury dans une salle d’essayage, l’vieux Slim et compagnie s’embarquent vraiment sur le dernier dans une long suite de sorties (avec encore plus à venir). Il y a quelques boogie d’Iggy ici aussi, mais plus évidemment sur “Priscilla”, une chanson arrachée du même chandail sonique que The Idiot et c’en est que mieux. ‘’Madeline Has A Body’’ est un avertissement ou une célébration d’un dame qui va vous asseoir et faire du vaudou sur votre derrière. C’est un organe engagé bougeant entre le gagnant de faisceaux lunaires. J’entends beaucoup de points de vue, comme Boces-era Mercury Rev partageant un sac de couchage avec Todd Rundgren. Des étincelles? Oh que oui! L’enregistrement que Meat Loaf aurait dû faire après Bat Out Of Hell? Sûre. Prend un whiskey et claque quelques dos, Slim, tu l’as mérité!

Slim Twig – Madeline Has A Body

Slim Twig – Still The Same

Wyrd MTL II :: Thursday, June 14

Wyrd Montreal II - June 14, 2012
We are excited to announce the second annual Wyrd Montreal festival occurring Thursday, June 14 2012! Once again, we have teamed with beloved experimental music festival Suono Per Il Popolo to offer a multi-stage showcase of boundary pushing artists from the northernly fringes. Alongside the returning Mega Merch Bazaar (featuring a selection of Canada’s best record labels) Weird Canada will be taking over both La Sala Rossa and Casa del Popolo simultaneously for a one-night-only cornucopia of sinusoidal delight. This will allow fans the chance to bounce back and forth between the two bars conveniently located across the street from one another. Should fans find themselves needing a respite between wondrous electronics and/or bludgeoning chaos, experimental DJs Aaron Levin and Hobo Cubes will take residency in Casa del Popolo delivering a strange brew of new age, electronic, and avant psychedelics.

Date: Thursday June 14, 2012
Venue #1: La Sala Rossa (4848 Boulevard Saint-Laurent, Montreal)
Venue #2: Casa del Popolo (4873 Boulevard Saint-Laurent, Montreal)
Cost: $10 (adv.) / $12 (door)
Doors: 8pm


La Sala Rossa
Brave Radar
Dog Day
Actual Water
Coca Cola (U.S. Girls + Slim Twig)

Casa del Popolo
Energetic Action
Bobo Boutin

Artist Bios

Coca Cola (U.S. Girls + Slim Twig) (Toronto)

Continuing Wyrd’s philosophy of unique collaborations, we’re proud to include a rare performance by this duo known as Coca Cola. Combining the rhythmic polyphonies of Toronto’s Slim Twig with the miasmic chaos of U.S. Girls, Coca Cola conjure an arpeggiated ethos of Cluster-inspired jammery. Expect a fantastic array of electronic drone and perturbed psychedelics.

Actual Water (Toronto)

Born in the depths of Ben Cook’s (Fucked Up, Young Guv, Bitters) epic space in East Toronto, Actual Water’s jangled power-pop transforms their 12-string anthems and insatiable marimba-laced punk into vocal bonanzas and summery attitudes. Every song is laced with their flowering ’60s slacker vibes and live the whole calamity is wrapped by frontman Tony’s enigmatic ‘tude. Stoked!

Drainolith (Montreal)

Drainolith is the multi-throned oscillating 8-bit transmigration of Montreal native Alex Moskos (ex-guitarist for the now defunct AIDS Wolf). Diving deep into polyrhythmic hood jams and clamouring solos of synthetic marvel, Drainolith hams heavy, agnostic experimentalism into a creative vehicle the world may or may not be ready to digest.

Energetic Action (Edmonton)

Edmonton, Alberta is home to many improbable entities, and Energetic Action’s revisionist goth-punk paradigm is no exception. Straddling the unknown line between The Pop Group and This Heat, their impossible rhythms and extravagant performances wrap an undisturbed nascency into music hardened by generations of nuclear waste. A certified western anomaly.

Brave Radar (Montreal)

Local Montreal darlings Brave Radar have kept quiet a long time. So long, in fact, that we reluctantly started to believe their demise. We can barely conceive they’ll be back on stage with brand new oblique pop sweetness.

Bobo Boutin (Montreal)

Ex-Les Georges Leningrad drummer Bobo Boutin inhabits a delirious world of warped electronics. One man, yet an overwhelming performance slowly mounting into a frenzy of nightmarish proportions.

Dog Day (Halifax)

Dog Day’s bent alt-rock resonates with grand designs. Seth and Nancy are husband and wife, a charming duo who constantly keep slinging sharp and heavy anti-heroic hooks at every corner.

Tenderness (Toronto)

With bizarre loop sampling wizardry, cracked electronics and sexy sax swoons, Chrissy Reichert redefines any conceivable notions of contemporary R & B. Tenderness is not to be missed, because true originality comes in small doses.

New Canadiana :: Slim Twig – There’s a Secret To Your Pleasure b/w Pastiche

Ditching the saddleback for a deep-dive into sun-soaked desert jammery, Slim’s wasted wycked warble embodies a new, singular harmony. He’s been re-envisioned within a blizzard of smoked-out synthetics and organ-swung arpeggio; a centrifuge of lysergic balladry and kinetic insanity. Timeless burners for the possessed mind. Conjured via Calico Corp., Slim’s exotic new imprint of “unique articles, starkly designed.”

En laissant tomber le saddleback pour un plongeon dans les bœufs trempés de soleil du désert, le gazouillis camé et brûlé de Slim incarne une nouvelle harmonie unique. Il se récrée dans un blizzard de synthetiques enfumées et d’arpège d’orgue; une centrifugeuse de ballade lysergique et d’insanité cinétique. Les morceaux intemporels pour la tête possédée. Présenté à vous par Calico Corp., la nouvelle filiale exotique des “objets uniques, crûment conçus.”

Slim Twig – There’s a Secret To Your Pleasure

Slim Twig – Pastiche

New Canadiana :: Various Artists – Bloodstains Across Ontario

Mammoth Cave’s tribute to my recently adopted province and the third entry in its Bloodstains series is a rapid-fire bombardment of ON’s finest hook-smugglers. Like speed dating at Gaga Weekend. it’s a blur of faces young and old that spins by before you can decide if they’re a creeper or a keeper. From the scummy sugar rush of Strange Attractor to White Wires’ pogo-punk and the starry eyed twee of Peach Kelli Pop, side A spills over with jams. The flip sees Young Guv channel his inner Ric Ocasek, Slim Twig sprout up twice with shred-heavy side-project Tropics, and the unreleased cut from Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet jolt from idyllic to jugular-ripping. Of course, Tonetta steals the show with effortless elevator sleaze, urging Toronto residents to “clean it up, yeah, all the shit.” Wooly bully bang for the buck grip.

L’hommage à ma province récemment adoptée par Mammoth Cave et la troisième entré dans sa série Bloodstains est un bombardement rapide des plus fins contrebandiers d’accroches de l’ON. Comme les rencontre en lignes sur Gaga Weekend. C’est un flou de visages jeunes et vieux qui tournent avant que vous puissiez décider s’ils sont un obséder ou un bon à garder. Des montées de sucre vaseuse de Strange Attractor au pogo punk de White Wires et les yeux fixeur pittoresque de Peach Kelli Pop, la face A se déverse avec des jams. L’endos voit Young Guy canaliser son Ric Ocasek intérieur, Slim Twig surgit doublement avec le très déchirant projet en parallèle Tropics et la coupure pas encore sortie de Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet s’ébranle de idyllique à déchirement de jugulaire. Bien sûr, Tonetta vole la vedette avec un ascenseur sordide sans effort, pressant les résidants de Toronto de ‘’Nettoyez tout, ouais, toutes les cochonneries.’’ Le fracas Wooly bully pour l’attrapage de mec.

Tonetta 777 – City Joke

Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet – Foreign/Aft

Peach Kelli Pop – Panchito Blues

Young Governor – I Wanna Girl from Wawa

New Canadiana :: Slim Twig // U.S. Girls – Split

Two sides of basemental groove thread Pleasence Records‘ latest three-three-one-three oblation. Young Truck assaults with vibronic angular disco, littering their rhythmic chaos with atonal shreddery and mystic digitalis. On the flip, wigs get a second pealing after dual doses of Man Made Hill’s tweaked bone. Hypothetical damage and degenerate groove spring Disco Prison into an ultraverse of mutant Prince and casio-Konrad. Heavy grippage.

Deux côtés d’une cadence de sous-sol-mentale traversent la dernière oblation trois-trois-un-trois de Pleasence Records. Young Truck attaque avec du disco vibronique angulaire, recouvrant leur chaos rythmique de déchirement atonal et de la digitale mystique. D’un autre côté, les perruques obtiennent un deuxième épluchage après les doubles doses d’os tordus de Man Made Hill. Un dommage hypothétique et une cadence dégénérée lancent Disco Prison dans une ultraverse de Prince mutant et de casio-Konrad. Attrapage solide.

[audio:http://weirdcanada.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/Brown-Bag.mp3|titles=Young Truck – Brown Bag] Young Truck – Brown Bag
[audio:http://weirdcanada.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/Hard-Breeze-Is-Gonna-Blow.mp3|titles=Man Made Hill – Hard Breeze (Is Gonna Blow)] Man Made Hill – Hard Breeze (Is Gonna Blow)
[audio:http://weirdcanada.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/Mouth-Pain.mp3|titles=Young Truck – Mouth Pain] Young Truck – Mouth Pain
[audio:http://weirdcanada.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/Serve-Them-Virgins.mp3|titles=Man Made Hill – Serve Them Virgins] Man Made Hill – Serve Them Virgins

New Canadiana :: Slim Twig – A Sheik in Scores

Beneath the reverberated echoes of Slim T’s hazy swagger undulate the shards of pop cultures theatrical past. Culled from hours of vintage soundtrack LPs, A Sheik in Scores is the third volume in Slim Twig’s musically bedded explorations. Sway to the wildly dense psychedelic metronome as punchy beats carry the skewed pop sensibilities into a timeless oblivion of baroque swashes, broken guitar leads, and busted grooves. Packaged beautifully in a micro clam-shell. Grip to the max.

Sous les échos réverbérés du swagger flou de Slim T, regardez onduler les tessons du passé théâtral de la culture populaire. Sélectionné d’heures de LPs bande-son vintage, A Sheik in Scores est le troisième tome des explorations musicales de Slim Twigs. Balancez-vous au métronome psychédélique et follement intense pendant que les rythmes pêchus apportent le style pop tordu jusqu’à l’oubli eternel de ruées baroques, de leads brisés de guitare, et de rainures bourrées. Emballé merveilleusement dans un micro coquillage. Achetez tellement.

Slim Twig – Honey Suckle Rose

Slim Twig – Once My Lady’s Wish Is Done