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New Canadiana :: Brusque Twins – A Voice In The Night

Brusque Twins - A Voice In The Night
Undulating acid bass thaws the permafrost of Brusque Twins’ latest EP. The icy hot duo last washed up on these shores with the standout banger of Visage Musique’s Vol. 1 comp, cropping up again here with four new hyperborean ballads. The operatic vocals of Hollie Hensman are the tell-tale heartbeat of this closet goth club, thumping away to the rhythm of the night.

[audio:http://weirdcanada.com/binary/Weird_Canada-Brusque_Twins-Speaking_In_Colour.mp3|titles=Brusque Twins – Speaking In Colour] Brusque Twins – Speaking In Colour
[audio:http://weirdcanada.com/binary/Weird_Canada-Brusque_Twins-Stone_Communication.mp3|titles=Brusque Twins – Stone Communication] Brusque Twins – Stone Communication