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Featurette :: 2011 Wrap-Up

Since our great birthing in the spring of 2009, we have never bestowed upon the masses a curated year in review. We have our philosophical reasons (read: laziness), but 2011 was a special year and we’re hoping that 2012 will bring more change and triumph. In line with our continuous transfiguration, we would like to present a 2011 summary (of sorts). So, please, dig in. We hope you enjoy and can’t wait to share the mountains of boon scattered across our northernly paradise.

PS – Thanks to all our lovely writers for their hard work submitting all these beautiful trinkets of 2011’s glory. Additionally, my humble thanks to Jesse Locke for compiling everything and to Myke Atkinson for his layout advice.


Aaron Levin
Weird Canada

2011 Albums We Missed

More 2011 Albums We Missed:

Music From 2011 We Wished Was Released Physically

Other non-physical digitalia:

New Births Of 2011

Other newborns from the two-oh-one-one:

2011’s Most Memorable Album Cover

Other (hopefully not-so-garish) album covers:

2011’s Most Elaborate Packaging

More curiously packaged goodness:

2011’s Most Surprising Releases, Events And Ephemera

Other great minutiae of 2011:

2011 Release From The Most Obscure Location

  • Sutton, QC: Les Nitrates de Madame Mimieux – Rien n’est moins grave (Benoit Poirier)
  • Churchill, MB: A message from Taylor Burgess: “Hey, polar bear occultists from Churchill, get in touch with me already!” (Taylor Burgess)
  • Winnipeg, MB: Microdot – Lamps Not Amps (Paul Lawton)

    It used to be that Winnipeg was THE Canadian music scene, but it’s been pretty quiet over the last decade or so, and thus fairly obscure. Thankfully, The core group of musicians making up Microdot/Atomic Don and the Black Sunrise/Angry Dragons/This Hisses etc. will change that soon if releases like Lamps Not Amps have anything to say about it.

2011’s Favourite New Genre

2011’s Most Stoned Dudes

Other stoners of note:

2011’s Geographical Hotbed

Other geographs of note:

  • Lethbridge, AB (Mike Deane)


  • Toronto, ON (Jesse Locke)

    Ha ha ha ha, no, seriously.

  • Saskatchewan (Taylor Burgess)
  • Halifax, NS (Benoit Poirier)
  • Halifax, NS / Truro, NS (Alison Lang)
  • London, ON (Pam Haasen)
  • The Internet (Gabriel Jasmin)

2011’s Most Face-Melting Video

  • Femminielli – “Atlantida” – (Simon Frank)
  • 2011’s Softest Bands Not Related To THOMAS

    Other softness:

    • Doc Dunn, Sundrips, and Bruce Cockburn’s first album. (Jesse Locke)
    • “The only soft I listened to is THOMAS. All others need not apply.” (Mike Deane)
    • Softcore, obvs. (Taylor Burgess)
    • Lab Coast (Jean Sebastien Audet)
    • “Gross.” (Paul Lawton)
    • Headaches (Pam Haasen)

      Well, I guess that’s arguable, but we like the softest moments of Land-o!

    • “All soft leads to THOMAS.” (Aaron Levin)
    • Jennifer Castle (Gabriel Jasmin)

    2011’s Youngest Bieber-Not-Bieber

    Other non-Biebs: