York Redoubt - York Redoubt

Halifax is on an advanced level of pop-wizardry. For a city with less than 400,000 people, they put the rest of North American to shame with the shear volume of crafted sounds. And they all have their own Halifaxian aura to them; seemingly channelled through distinct avenues, returning home from remote adventures with presents of pop's future. York Redoubt has proven themselves a worthy flag-bearer of Halifax's bubbling underground. Their first cassette showed a brief glimpse into a future-now, and with their self-titled debut out on Hot Money Records (limited to 100 vinyl copies - screen-printed with personalized photograph (cop that!)), they've finally actualized into the math-pop behemoth we've been waiting for. Weaving complicated threads of stubborn-catchiness between time-signatures that make so-much-nonsense and vocal harmonies buried within angular distortion, it's difficult to turn your attention away from the album and it'll be no-time before you've listened to the entire thing six or seven times. It's ridiculous music to write about because it's so incredibly layered, complex, and easy. Which is where York Redoubt really shines: they've taken all this ridiculous math-pop and made it serene; like just another pop song. Listen and buy the damn record. They. Are. Next.

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