Wyrd Fest was a smashing success. The festival sold-out within mere hours of starting (with 87% of all tickets sold in advanced) and the crowd was absolutely ecstatic throughout the evening. Wyrd Fest was, without a doubt, the most accomplished dream we've ever had. All the bands stuck to schedule (and with 16 bands in one evening, that is a feat!), the patrons were wild but well-mannered, and nothing out of the ordinary happened (with the exception of Wicked Awesomes! singer getting food poisoning from A&W). We are enthused and encouraged and cannot wait to organize another Wyrd Fest. Except we'll be changing the name to Wyrd: The Gatheringâ„¢ thanks to a comment left on the original Wyrd Fest post. We'd like to especially thank Tyler Harland, for being the true unspoken hero of Wyrd Fest, and all the volunteers (Sarah, Taras, Chris, Phil, Mike, Matt, Thomas, Graham, Cecil, Amy, Zac, Coryn, (the other guy from GBL GBL), Carrie, and anyone else that picked up garbage, moved chairs, and helped us load in). We could not have asked for better performers; you were all so enthusiastic. We will write up a larger, more elaborate wrap-up once we get some better photos. In the meantime, you'll have to deal with this: Wyrd Peace