Today is your last day to vote. These final hours are ripe to give you one more reason to believe. BOOM: our keystrokes are bursting with galvanized fervor as we present the official traveling line-up for Wyrd III and the brand new Wyrd Montreal: ///// WYRD III ///// Red Mass Dirty Beaches GOBBLE GOBBLE Wyrd Visions Sex Church Famines Long, Long, Long Hobo Cubes Bernardino Femminieli Velvet Chrome Feral Children Silver Dapple Ketamines Makeout Videotape Role Mach + ???Secret Surprise Guest??? (TBA May 10, 2011) This wyld traveling caravan (plus local shreddery and other surprises) will be bursting through the following cities: MAY 20 :: EDMONTON @ Dinwoodie MAY 21 :: CALGARY @ No. 1 Legion MAY 22 :: VANCOUVER @ Waldorf Hotel Tickets for Wyrd III will be available April 1st, 2011! Full band bios, schedule, and other details will be posted next week! Please help us tell the world! PS - We are doubly excited to let a little secret loose: many of these bands will be tearing through Montreal for a new incarnation of Wyrd. Details soon! Hearts!