From the indebted harmonies of Aaron Levin and Paul Lawton:
At the climax of Wyrd III, during a liquor-license shut-down of Red Mass' super-collab shred-fest, a crowd of maniac fans carried Famines-drummer Garrett Kruger out of Vancouver's Waldorf Hotel chanting "We're never gonna stop!" And while Garrett in-flight solo'd onto the world's most dangerous street, we kept thinking: we will truly never stop. There were so many highlights and so many amazing moments, each one buoyed by so many wonderful people. With such bountiful bodies of positive Wyrd reformation, we'd like to simply thank you. Thanks to every person who came and had a marvelous time. Thanks to every performer for being on the level and so supportive. And a huge thanks to the volunteers who carried the weight of Wyrd on their shoulder from city-to-city. We commend and thank all who participated. As the moon fades, so the sun rises again. For all those who missed Wyrd III, we look forward to your vibrations in 2012. Wyrd IV is coming. As is Wyrd MTL in the next month. Help us carry the torch beyond the end of time. PS - please post your favorite Wyrd III moments in the comments section below. We'll start with ours. PPS - if you have any photos, please send them to Hearts, Paul Lawton & Aaron Levin Mammoth Cave / Weird Canada /