Hi Everyone, A prime year is upon us, making 2011 a year of renewal. A rebirth into the digital vortex that is our modern culture. It's going to be an exciting year. In 2011 you can expect: - Greater penetrating into the depths of fringe minutiae. - Six new sections for your micro-digestive pleasure. - An event calendar (still in beta) to help your overwhelmed and under-organized existence make it through the weekend. - A top 10 of some-sorts. - New contributors and new interns to bring a greater number of oddities to your desktop. - A redesign of the website. - Another Wyrd breaking into a new province (possibly two). - Two interactive databases to assist bands in booking tours. - Weird Canada in new formats. - Whatever else we come up with along the way. 2010 was a year of huge growth for Weird Canada. This would not have been possible without you. We don't mean this in the lazy "thanks to everyone for support" way. We really mean this. Growth would not have been possible without all the word of mouth, excitement, praise, and sharing of our content. It's a very big deal to everyone involved every time you make a hyperlink to the site. Or every time you talk about it on your radio show. Or in your own blog, newspaper, or zine. Or every time you tell a friend. Every link makes us stronger. With this in mind, we want to thank: - All the contributors. - Every single person who sent a contributor an e-mail with praise and support. - Every band and label that sent in their music. - Every band and label that created links for their write-ups and spread them around. - Every person who paid, danced, and enjoyed a show put on by Weird Canada or by any fringe band across Canada. - Every single person who interacted with the site in a positive way. We're really looking forward to 2011. Thank you so much.