As Wyrd Arts Initiatives, our shadowy lizard government, continues to entrench itself in the nefarious marble halls of public funding, mere mortal lizards such as yourself shall reap great rewards. We’ve been extremely fortunate this summer to offer four paid positions within the hallowed halls of Weird Canada. Without further ado, we’d like to introduce you to the next generation of reptilian soldier.
Volunteer Manager Emily McQuarrie

Administration & Volunteer Manager :: Emily McQuarrie

We are blessed to have the druidic Emily transcend unpaid boundaries and begin applying her amazing work as a volunteer manager every day and every hour. Emily will ensure our lizard eggs are properly incubated and nurtured to produce the best possible reptilian soldiers.
Aboriginal Outreach Charlotte

Aboriginal Outreach :: Charlotte

Our most exciting summer position! Charlotte will be working to increase diversity and inclusivity by engaging with Aboriginal communities and ensuring our resources are used to empower everyone.

Charlotte is a Toronto based artist who studies media, digital painting and animation. She occasionally takes on the role of contributor, outreach or elf at Weird Canada.

Translation Evangelist:: Nadine Tkatchevskaia

Translation Evangelist :: Nadine Tkatchevskaia

Nadine joins us to work on our burgeoning translation surplus. She will be churning through hyperbole like no other human, while also mentoring some of our amazing translation volunteers.

Nadine is a francophone grad studies student currently working on her Master's thesis in Gender Studies and Feminist Research. She is into progressive politics, organizing and her dog, Rosy.


Wyrd Distro Manager & Administrative Enthusiast :: Kevin Braiser

Kevin’s been hard at work with all things Wyrd Distro; from shipping packages to representing the distro at various record fairs and music festivals, Kevin has become hero to emerging music purveyors across Canada! Secretly, he's also been working on a touring musician resource (shhh!).

Kevin developed a passion for leading and organizing within cultural communities while living in the two-stoplight town of Sackville, N.B. Now based in Toronto, Kevin continues to share his commitment and enthusiasm for the arts with all of Southern Ontario.

Translation Student :: Louis-Félix Pellerin

Lou will be diving deep into the trenches of hyperbolic translation, working alongside Nadine and other Weird Canada translators to deliver the greatest French language experience possible.