We made a call for interns and our response was magical. The e-mails flooded our inboxes. We could not keep up. We go to sleep guilt-ridden, fearing the ire of enthusiastic applicants whose e-mails have gone unanswered. Nevertheless, the trek continues and in the process we've found two beautiful people to take on the roles of Managing Editor and Social Marketer. For photos and other sexy content, please read more about them in the contributors section. Please welcome Jesse Locke and Jenni Roberts with open arms. They've poured hours and hours into Weird Canada and have (and will continue to) grow Weird Canada into the publishing behemoth it is sure to become. Introducing... Managing Editor Jesse Locke Jesse has been a long-time contributor to Weird Canada and co-founder of the magnificent Texture Magazine. With prior experience in the discipline of managing energetic writers at Beatroute, Fast Forward Magazine, and other printed matter, Jesse comes into the position of Managing Editor with a tremendous amount of real-world experience. Since taking the reigns Weird Canada has seen some fresh faces (an introduction to come soon!) and welcomed the addition of new content and features. That sounds like an overly professional way of saying Jesse is rad. (The Managing Editor is responsible for organizing and managing the contributors, ensuring the timely delivery of content, and generating ideas for new content) Social Marketer Jenni Roberts If you follow us on twitter or join our Facebook page than you've probably seen the timely postings of Jenni Roberts. Jenni has been an Edmonton staple in the music scene for years and we were really, really excited when we saw her name pop in our mailbox. She's got a knack for metrics, way too much experience with excel spreads and an endless supply of enthusiasm. (The Social Marketer is responsible for promoting Weird Canada through every social channel possible.) Hearts!