Jom Comyn takes another giant leap forward in the development of his own micro-genre: snowglobe-folk. Guitar lines still sometimes eddy like slow-floating sediment, settling gently along a song's backbone, but Comynge Tegythere's meteorological sphere harbors more devastating weather as well, sometimes verging on sheer white-out. Layers of noise stratify and coalesce, parting curtain-like to reveal full-bodied songs, scuzz-jazz meanderings, and hangdog laments in Jim Cumming's signature baritone — a voice which has never held more weight than it does in the ghostly haunting number, "Been Down Blues." Jim buffs winter sadness to a dull glow of acceptance in a city where the snow never leaves. Shake hard. [Packaged with an elaborate zine for those who attended the tape release.]

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Jom Comyn - Been Down Blues Jom Comyn - Brooklyn Girls