Chairs - The Droning of an Insect Wing

Ian Jarvis dives into the depths of the soul, reemerging with complex contradictions. The Droning of an Insect Wing fuses industrial noise-scapes with folk-rock strums and harmonic vocals, simultaneously polished and rugged, pop and drone, hopeful and lonely. Jarvis displays playfulness on “Three in the Morning/Breath Underwater” with his dreamlike reverbed voice echoing from a cool, calm lake. Following the original CD self-release, Kinnta’s cassette re-dub will hopefully find its way to fresh ears.

Ian Jarvis plonge dans les profondeurs de l’âme et en ressort chargé de contradictions complexes. The Droning of an Insect Wing est un mélange d’atmosphères industrielles, de guitares folk-rock et d’harmonies vocales, à la fois poli et rude, ambiant et pop, solitaire et optimiste. Jarvis se montre ludique sur « Three in the Morning/Breath Underwater », sa voix onirique se répercutant doucement aux rives fraîches d’un lac calme. Après la sortie originale sur CD, souhaitons que cette réédition cassette sur l’étiquette Kinnta tombe dans de nouvelles oreilles.

Chairs - Indestructible Machine

Chairs - Three in the Morning/Breathe Underwater