Aaron Levin Celestial Soul Portrait
We are proud to announce three new itemera:

1. Non-Profit Status

We are now, officially, a non-profit. Thanks to the hard work of Marie Lef, we've incorporated Wyrd Arts Initiatives, an umbrella organization / shadow-lizard-chud-government that will operate, support, and strong-arm Weird Canada into progressive submission. Go Marie!!

2. French Language Translation

The hours spent running our content through Google Translator are now over... sort of! We have our first, official translator. Vincent Rondeau has been helping us translate current (and older) content. You'll see the "english/francais" tabs on new posts. We're really excited about this. If you have any interest in supporting Vincent's translational efforts, please see http://weirdcanada.com/volunteering. Thanks Vincent!! (alas, no translator will suffer Levin's schedule of writing said posts at 2am the night before)

3. New Theme

Over the weekend, Jenny Kapichen helped us migrate from our ancient (2008 BC) theme to something more modern. With this new theme in place we'll be launching a few new features that should make the site nice. We might even put Manitoba on the map. Maybe. High-five Jenny!! (dear Manitoba: we're sorry. we love you.) Well, er, uh, that's it! Back to musics. Hearts!