Dear Mayor Savage, We are writing on behalf of Wyrd Arts Initiatives, a national non-profit dedicated to encouraging, documenting, and connecting creative expression across Canada. We are responsible for the award winning music and art website Weird Canada, Canada's only volunteer-run, bilingual music publication. The Khyber Centre For the Arts has been and continues to be an incredibly important resource for artists local and abroad. We have visited Halifax several times, participating in performances, visual, and musical art in The Khyber Centre For The Arts and consider it a hallmark of our Halifax experience. Selling the building that housed the Khyber Centre For The Arts is robbing Halifax of a culturally and experientially important space. It also acts to push arts out of the Halifax core and further marginalize and fragment the arts community. We demand that you retract your recommendation to sell the Khyber building, reinstate the Khyber Centre For the Arts as permanent tenants and allow Halifax's art community to flourish. Sincerely, Marie LeBlanc Flanagan (Executive Director) Aaron Levin (Creative Director, Founder) Wyrd Arts Initiatives / Weird Canada