Sled Island
(Zak Pashak)
Calgary, AB
Sled Island 2010 is upon us. Calgary's premiere indie music, video, and art festival is a treasure trove of exploratory stimulus. It's the largest concentration of insanity west of everywhere (in Canada). Weird Canada and Texture Magazine will be presenting the SHRED ISLAND BBQ (x2), a free all-ages afternoon showcase on Thursday and Saturday at Tubby Dog (w/ Dropping Out, Fist City, Mount Analog, Feral Children, JAZZ, Sans AIDS, Puberty, GOBBLE GOBBLE, and (hopefully) Famines). However, there is so much more than just our wonderful little showcase (obviously). With over 150 bands, there's a lot to chose from, so we thought I'd filter the complete list of performers down to a "Weird Canada Selection." The below list includes all Canadian bands that we have reviewed or seen. We have left off American bands, as well as bands we're stoked about but haven't heard yet. We may have also forgotten one or two shows. Have fun! We hope to see you there!

(w/ additional practical info)

WEDNESDAY :: June 30
8:00 PM Seizure Salad Republik Calgary, AB
9:00 PM Bikeland Republik Calgary, AB
9:00 PM The Throwaways Local 522 Calgary, AB
10:00 PM B-Lines Broken City Vancouver, BC
10:00 PM Mount Analogue Local 522 Calgary, AB
10:30 PM Tension Slips The Republik Calgary, AB
11:00 PM The Nymphets Broken City Montreal, QC
11:00 PM Monkey Bamboo Lounge Calgary, AB
11:15 PM BRAIDS Arrata Montreal, QC
12:00 AM Myelin Sheaths Verns Lethbridge, AB
12:30 AM NĂ¼ Sensae Republik Vancouver, BC
1:00 AM Sharp Ends Local 522 Calgary, AB
THURSDAY :: July 1
1:00 PM Makeout Videotape Republik Vancouver, BC
3:00 PM Dropping Out Tubby Dog Edmonton, AB
3:00 PM Radians Local 510 Lethbridge, AB
4:00 PM Fist City Tubby Dog Lehtbridge, AB
5:00 PM Mount Analogue Tubby Dog Calgary, AB
6:00 PM Feral Children Tubby Dog Saskatoon, SK
8:00 PM Brazilian Money Bamboo Lounge Edmonton, AB
8:00 PM Friendo Dickens Pub Calgary, AB
9:00 PM Cousins Tubby Dog Halifax, NS
10:30 PM Women The Republik Calgary, AB
11:00 PM Topless Mongos Legion No. 1 Calgary, AB
12:00 AM JAZZ Tubby Dog Edmonton, AB
FRIDAY :: July 2
9:00 PM The Jolts Tubby Dog Vancouver, BC
9:00 PM North of America The Distillery Halifax, NS
10:00 PM Bonnaventure James Verns Calgary, AB
10:00 PM MYTHS Dickens Pub Vancouver, BC
SATURDAY :: July 3
1:00 PM Grown-Ups Broken City Calgary, AB
3:00 PM JAZZ Tubby Dog Edmonton, AB
4:00 PM Sans AIDS Tubby Dog Edmonton, AB
5:00 PM Puberty Tubby Dog Calgary, AB
6:00 PM GOBBLE GOBBLE Tubby Dog Edmonton, AB
7:00 PM The Famines Tubby Dog Edmonton, AB
8:00 PM Stalwart Sons Marquee Room Calgary, AB
9:30 PM The Bash Brothers Tubby Dog Victoria, BC
9:30 PM Hunter-Gatherer Legion No. 1 Calgary, AB
10:00 PM Gyre, Spire & Spindle Marquee Room Edmonton, AB
10:00 PM Slam Dunk Dickens Pub Victoria, BC
10:30 PM Peace Legion No. 1 Vancouver, BC
11:00 PM Outdoor Miners Broken City Edmonton, AB
11:00 PM Shout Out Out Out Out Wyckham House Edmonton, AB
11:30 PM Fist City Legion No. 1 Lethbridge, AB
12:00 AM KRANG Broken City Edmonton, AB
1:00 AM North of America Marquee Room Halifax, NS
1:15 AM Fucked Up Legion No. 1 Toronto, ON