Weird Canada Podcast

Led by Max Cotter and Johnnie Regalado the Weird Canada Podcast will produce (approximately) bi-monthly episodes of thematic vibrations and dispatches from our New Canadian heritage.

In an effort to make this podcast as national as possible, we have an open request line. We’ve been visiting festivals across Canada and gathering requests from internet celebs like Old & Weird, Andrew Neville, Chad VanGaalen, Damian Abraham, and the Grundy brothers. If you have a request, please listen to our request instructions and contact us at podcast [at] weirdcanada [dot] com.

PS – Huge thanks to Travis Bretzer for the Weird Canada podcast theme song!

PPS – if you are interested in syndicating our podcast, please get in touch with us here: podcast [at] weirdcanada [dot] com. We have SOCAN-compliant playlists just waiting for you, college radio!

Episode #1

Produced and recorded by Max Cotter. Follow the soundcloud link for full track-listing!