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New Canadiana :: Knots – White River of White Lies

KNOTS-White River of White Lies

The illustrious Neal Moignard returns with a stirring collection of close-miked rumination. Between bookends of steely grey sound-art (the likes of which he’s produced with fellow whiz-kid Craig Fahner) delicate strums, hovering hums and heartfelt sing-speak drift through earthly metaphors. A recorded appearance as rare as Wyrd Visions with sleeve art like NNA Tapes in reverse, White River of White Lies is another crucial offering from the widening arms of Bart Recs.

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[audio:|titles=Knots – Blush] Knots – Blush
[audio:|titles=Knots – The End By Foot] Knots – The End By Foot

Ephemera :: GreyScreen on Thrillogy

Ephemera :: Kevin Stebner - The Man, The Myth, The Legend of Zelda
Kevin Stebner is the only guy we know who can fit his gear into a lunchbox. While he wears many hats — Bart Recs / Revolution Winter founder, Stalwart Sons howler and Ghost Throats head stoker — his chiptune project GreyScreen is the focus of this particular feature. Jamming harder on his GameBoys than most can with a Stratocaster, Stebs charges the Nintendo kingdom full steam ahead. On his recent trip to support the new tape Thrillogy, we linked him up with WC’s resident lensman Landon Speers to spotlight some essential tour items.

Jesse Locke
Weird Canada // Texture Magazine //

[audio:|titles=Greyscreen – No East Or West] GreyScreen – No East Or West
[audio:|titles=Greyscreen – Deer Into a Noose] GreyScreen – Deer Into A Noose

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Game Boys
Ephemera :: Kevin Stebner - Game Boy

As with many chiptuners, having a stock of Game Boys is your bread and butter. That Game Boy Light right there, though… that’s my pride and joy; a Japanese exclusive backlit Game Boy that I managed to track down at the legendary Super Potato in Akihabra. That was a holy grail find for me. Nowadays, we backlight-mod these things so you can rock them in the dark (as is that yellow DMG there), but even with the buzz the Game Boy Light puts out, I’ve got a soft spot for that thing.

Permastruct / Lunchbox
Ephemera :: Kevin Stebner - Permastruct + Lunchbox

With the 4×12’s I normally haul around for bands, it’s nice to pack your entire set-up into a single lunchbox. Ride the Via with nothing but a backpack and lunchbox in tow. The Permastruct cases were from NES rentals from Hollywood Video back in Red Deer. Such a bittersweet moment going to that closing-out sale; my favourite video store was closing its doors, but I managed to snag a ton of gems before it did. Permastruct became the title for the first GreyScreen tape.

Power Glove
Ephemera :: Kevin Stebner - Power Glove

Got this on the tour. Major gift from a major pal. Any child of the Nintendo generation should know what this, and chances are you wanted one with every fibre of your being. You saw Lucas in The Wizard, and you most certainly wanted to be him. This Power Glove is for the Famicom (Japanese NES) and I’ve only just recently managed to work it into the set and utilize it live. I love the Power Glove… It’s so bad.

Robert Kroetsch Novels
Ephemera :: Kevin Stebner - Robert Kroetsch Novels

Keep your enemies close, but keep Alberta closer. The absolute brilliant and hilarious Robert Kroetsch, my favourite writer ever to emerge from Alberta. Studhorse Man in particular. No resounding ovations from the world at large, even with his passing this past year, but to me he is such an inspiration. It speaks more to the attitude of being an artist from Alberta, to simply keep making good things, and hope that some kid discovers it. May his legacy live.

Anti-Nukes Pin
Ephemera :: Kevin Stebner - No Nukes Pin

The welcome sign to my hometown reads “Welcome to Red Deer / A Nuclear Weapons-Free Zone.” I’ve always been a strong contender of singing and wearing where you’re from, reflecting your place, your community, your family, your actual culture. In an age of internet world-wide universalism, the notion of regional situation and pride is waning. Since I’ve lost my “HI, I’M FROM RED DEER” pin, this will do as a close second.

Red Apple Arizona Iced Tea
Ephemera :: Kevin Stebner - Arizona Ice Tea

Dubbed ‘Zonas by us in the know. Arizona is the only company I have ever written a fan letter to (wherein we received hats for being “super fans”), and subsequently when they discontinued Red Apple in Canada, a complaint letter. Red Apple may be the greatest liquid ever to grace my throat – nectar of the gods – thus, being able to find them while on tour in the East makes the excuse to tour all the greater.

Dead-stock Trading Cards
Ephemera :: Kevin Stebner - Dead-stock Wrastlin' Cards

I found these crazy things while on tour at a wholesale liquor shop in Pittsburgh. The accusation is constantly, be it directed at chiptune or anything else tied to this by-gone era, that what we are doing is simply reveling in nostalgia. But the truth of it is that the late ’80s and early ’90s produced a “popular” culture that was so out there, one so transfixed on youth, in music, fashion, film, adventure, exploding video game technology, and especially a culture so irony-free, one where “radness” was all that was needed, that odd music could make it on TV or prairie-born heroes like the Hitman putting greasy shades on your face was the coolest thing in the world. Is it any wonder that a fascination of that era exists – to partake and respond and produce art and music out of such a rich and insane cultural heritage as that?

Featurette :: 2011 Wrap-Up

Since our great birthing in the spring of 2009, we have never bestowed upon the masses a curated year in review. We have our philosophical reasons (read: laziness), but 2011 was a special year and we’re hoping that 2012 will bring more change and triumph. In line with our continuous transfiguration, we would like to present a 2011 summary (of sorts). So, please, dig in. We hope you enjoy and can’t wait to share the mountains of boon scattered across our northernly paradise.

PS – Thanks to all our lovely writers for their hard work submitting all these beautiful trinkets of 2011’s glory. Additionally, my humble thanks to Jesse Locke for compiling everything and to Myke Atkinson for his layout advice.


Aaron Levin
Weird Canada

2011 Albums We Missed

More 2011 Albums We Missed:

Music From 2011 We Wished Was Released Physically

Other non-physical digitalia:

New Births Of 2011

Other newborns from the two-oh-one-one:

2011’s Most Memorable Album Cover

Other (hopefully not-so-garish) album covers:

2011’s Most Elaborate Packaging

More curiously packaged goodness:

2011’s Most Surprising Releases, Events And Ephemera

Other great minutiae of 2011:

2011 Release From The Most Obscure Location

  • Sutton, QC: Les Nitrates de Madame Mimieux – Rien n’est moins grave (Benoit Poirier)
  • Churchill, MB: A message from Taylor Burgess: “Hey, polar bear occultists from Churchill, get in touch with me already!” (Taylor Burgess)
  • Winnipeg, MB: Microdot – Lamps Not Amps (Paul Lawton)

    It used to be that Winnipeg was THE Canadian music scene, but it’s been pretty quiet over the last decade or so, and thus fairly obscure. Thankfully, The core group of musicians making up Microdot/Atomic Don and the Black Sunrise/Angry Dragons/This Hisses etc. will change that soon if releases like Lamps Not Amps have anything to say about it.

2011’s Favourite New Genre

2011’s Most Stoned Dudes

Other stoners of note:

2011’s Geographical Hotbed

Other geographs of note:

  • Lethbridge, AB (Mike Deane)


  • Toronto, ON (Jesse Locke)

    Ha ha ha ha, no, seriously.

  • Saskatchewan (Taylor Burgess)
  • Halifax, NS (Benoit Poirier)
  • Halifax, NS / Truro, NS (Alison Lang)
  • London, ON (Pam Haasen)
  • The Internet (Gabriel Jasmin)

2011’s Most Face-Melting Video

  • Femminielli – “Atlantida” – (Simon Frank)
  • 2011’s Softest Bands Not Related To THOMAS

    Other softness:

    • Doc Dunn, Sundrips, and Bruce Cockburn’s first album. (Jesse Locke)
    • “The only soft I listened to is THOMAS. All others need not apply.” (Mike Deane)
    • Softcore, obvs. (Taylor Burgess)
    • Lab Coast (Jean Sebastien Audet)
    • “Gross.” (Paul Lawton)
    • Headaches (Pam Haasen)

      Well, I guess that’s arguable, but we like the softest moments of Land-o!

    • “All soft leads to THOMAS.” (Aaron Levin)
    • Jennifer Castle (Gabriel Jasmin)

    2011’s Youngest Bieber-Not-Bieber

    Other non-Biebs:

    New Canadiana :: Various Artists – Dad Jamz

    From concept to cassette, Dad Jamz is a gas. This cheeky comp finds the bands of the Bart Records and Revolution Winter clan tackling FM staples of the late ’70s – early ‘80s soft-rock epoch with varying results of ridiculousness. Amidst choice picks from Queen, Kansas, Motörhead and Dire Straits (Slates’ “Walk of Life” is a standout), label flagship Stalwart Sons crowd surf Kiss/Argent’s “God Gave Rock ‘N’ Roll To You” with original lyrics across seven guitar-squealing minutes. Gyre Spire and Spindle deserve props for taking on Kim Mitchell’s perpetually unhip anti-drinking anthem “Go For Soda”, while Auld Beak clearly have love for Bruce Cockburn deep down. Polina’s straight-faced Rush cover is a winner, and WC fave Sans AIDS could make even Bachman and Cummings shed a tear.

    [audio:|titles=Auld Bleak – Lovers in a Dangerous Time] Auld Bleak – Lovers in a Dangerous Time

    [audio:|titles=Sans AIDS – These Eyes] Sans AIDS – These Eyes

    [audio:|titles=Polina – Fly by Night]Polina – Fly by Night

    Review :: Fuck The Tundra – Grin Diesel

    Fuck The Tundra
    Grin Diesel
    (Bart Records)
    Edmonton, AB

    From the teen steamings of Jesse Locke:
    Midway through their final set at the Bart Records showcase for Sled Island 2010, Fuck the Tundra’s hyperactive frontman pushed the crowd back, tucked to his toes and hucked a massive flat ground back flip. That gymnastic feat was impressive enough, yet it was still overshadowed by a pitch-perfect performance of all six songs from their debut cassette, one of this year’s most jaw dropping releases. Throughout Grin Diesel’s succinct 16 minutes, the quartet tears into 31G-style post-hardcore with pulse quickening drum fills, spidery dueling guitars and mathematical change-ups, all peppered with their bizarre sense of humor. Most surprising is the serenely summery yet still mathy instrumental “Eliminator Boat Duel,” an ear-pleasing interlude amidst the chronicles of ridiculous.
    [audio:|titles=Fuck The Tundra – Gintro] Fuck The Tundra – Gintro
    [audio:|titles=Fuck The Tundra – Eliminator Boat Duel] Fuck The Tundra – Eliminator Boat Duel

    Review :: North of America – 12345678910

    North of America
    (Bart Records)
    Halifax, NS

    From the North of America fanboydom of Jesse Locke:
    Other than the guy from Japan who flew to Montreal for their final farewell show a few months back, Bart Records founder Kevin Stebner is quite likely the biggest North of America fan on the planet. Standing next to Stebs at said gig, I was regaled with anecdotes and factoids regarding the members’ current day-jobs, how he caught them live in Europe and just how stupidly excited he is to have now released a rarities compilation from his all-time favourite band. Along with other comp tracks and the previously unearthed jam “Hot Work,” side A is culled from the same sessions that produced NoA’s swan-song LP Brothers, Sisters (a serious tour de force if you’ve never had the pleasure). From the pulverizing guitar-work and clockwork-calculated percussion of barn burners “Beyonce”, “Hate The Player” and “We Had To Call Your Parents” to the slower tempo heart-on-sleever “I Like Everything This Much” and curious electronic interlude “Let’s Get Glitch,” 12345678910 is veritable Mana for Maritime math-rock devotees. Somebody update the wikipedia

    North of America – Let’s Get Glitch

    North of America – Hate The Player

    North of America – I Like Everything This Much

    Review :: Grown-Ups – I Can’t Win

    I Can’t Win
    (Bart Records)
    Calgary, AB

    From the post-pubescent sludge of Jesse Locke:
    From The Cramps (radical) to Mates of State (barf) to the Plastic Ono Band (radical barfing), musical married couples are nothing new. However, what sets thee Grown-Ups’ Sara and Josiah Hughes apart is that they’re cuter than a pair of bulldogs on snowboards that know how to turn up the rock and turn down the suck. Joined by third member/producer Darrell on “dad guitar” (nice Conchords reference, guys), they’ve now teamed with the almighty Bart for tape release number two. Eight songs of angry punk sludge that sound just as pitted as their debut but now with more Crazy Horse guitar solos (see: opener “Meat”) and Art Brut-esque motivational meta-songs (see: “Start A Band!”). This is the soundtrack for the skateboarding video game you invented in your brain. The musical equivalent of a cherry-coke slurpee with a stolen chocolate bar tucked in the cup. The creepy-lovable cover photo rules too, but I really just wish it was a drawing of Odie crossed with Jughead.

    Grown-Ups – Meat

    Grown-Ups – Start A Band!

    Review :: Various Artists – The Compilation of Hope!!

    The Comp of Hope starts off with a serious wallop: the 1-2-3 whirligig of Vancouver’s Damages, Nova Scotia’s Minivan Halen (snagging the prize for Best New Band Name) and Toronto’s Place Hands, three groups with distinct yet equally imposing approaches to the post- / proto- / avant- / eff-it-let’s-just-get-rowdy hardcore continuum. Bart Records founder Kevin Stebner seems to favour the tuff gnarl stuff, with seven of the comp’s 10 acts setting their phasers to beatdown. From the spazzy attack of Abbotsford’s GSTS! to the rastafried “turbo jamz” of Edmonton’s Slates, Missisauga’s Whiskey Priest and unfuckwithable label faves Gift Eaters closing it off, this cassette could provide the perfect aggro soundtrack for any hesher’s backyard mini-ramp sesh. The softer side of weird Canadiana is also represented with the Strokes-meet-a-blown-out-Casio addictiveness of Swwords (the former project of this very site’s founder), Montreal’s math-pop dangereux duo Special Noise and a live jam from the inimitable dd/mm/yyyy. Another top-notch tape release from Bart, with awesome foldout liner art (front & back) from Calgary’s Heather Kai Smith.
    [Levin’s Note: This has the most links of any review on Weird Canada. Which means you get to virtually travel across Canada, all thanks to Bart Records. Benjoy!]

    The Comp of Hope commence avec une beigne grave: le tourniquet 1-2-3 de Damages de Vancouver, Minivan Halen de la Nouvelle-Écosse (qui gagne le prix du meilleur nouveau nom de groupe) et Place Hands de Toronto, trois groupes avec des approches distinctes mais également imposantes à la gamme post-/ proto-/ avant-/ on-s’en-fou-tombons-la-chemise hardcore. Kevin Stebner, le fondateur de Bart Records, a l’air de préférer les choses dures et affreuses, vu que sept des 10 actes du comp mettent leurs phaseurs à beatdown. De l’attaque crétine de GSTS! d’Abbotsford jusqu’au “turbo boeufs” rasta de Slates d’Edmonton, Whiskey Priest de Missauga, et terminant avec les imperturbables chéris des labels Gift Eaters, cette cassette pourrait fournir la bande-son parfaite aggro pour la session mini-ramp chez-soi de n’importe quel hesheur. Le côté plus doux du canadiana bizarre est aussi present avec l’entraînance Strokes-se-marient-avec-un-Casio-explosé de Swwords (l’ancien projet du fondateur de ce site-web lui-même), le duo math-pop dangereux de Montréal Special Noise et un boeuf live de l’inimitable dd/mm/yyyy. Un autre enregistrement cassette de premier ordre de Bart, avec une couverture fantastique (avant & arrière) de Heather Kai Smith de Calgary.

    Special Noise – Fitness

    Minivan Halen – Epic

    SLATES – blooloend

    swwords – The Hit

    Review :: GreyScreen – Permastruct

    Greyscreen - Permastruct

    As far as music made on old school handheld video game systems goes, GreyScreen (a.k.a. Bart Records founder and retro pop culture fanatic Kevin Stebner) is the Michael Jordan of Caddilacs. The Charles Bronson of Chiptune? From the immaculate Value Village bargain bin packaging to the poetic RPG-inspired song titles (and of course the 8-bit chirps, burps and bleeps that make up these 22 songs), everything about GreyScreen’s debut tape reminds of a more innocent time spent agonizing over Alien Olympics 2044 AD in your parents’ basement. Of course, Stebs also uses modern technology like Nanoloop and LSDJ to concoct these micro-epics, but his DIY punk rock ethos is maintained all the same. Need more proof? Check his killer cover of Black Flag’s “Spray Paint” by downloading this comp.
    [Levin’s Note: The world was so much simpler when everyone had a Gameboy™. All a we had to do was level-up and the monsters went away. How do the kids sleep at night today? Look back to the dot-matrix; listen to the trailing ends of MIDI; and always remember to keep a fairy in the jar. Poppa don’t hit me no mo’.]

    Aussi loin que la musique faite sur des systèmes de jeux vidéos à main-tenu façon vieille école va, GreyScreen (a.k.a. le fondateur de Bart Records et le fanatique de culture retro pop Kevin Stebner) est le Micheal Jordan des Caddilacs. Le Charles Bronson de Chiptune? De l’emballage de bacs à aubaines immaculés de Value Village aux poétiques titres de chansons inspirés RPG (et bien sûr les 8-bit gazouillis, rots et les bips qui font ces 22 chansons), tout à propos de la cassette des débuts de GreyScreen nous rappelle d’un temps plus innocent passé à agoniser sur Alien Olynpics 2044 AD au sous-sol de nos parents. Évidemment, Stebs utilise aussi la technologie moderne comme Nanoloop et LSDJ pour concocter ces micro-épics, mais son punk rock ethos DIY est maintenu tout de même. Besoin de plus de preuves? Regardez sa couverture de la mort “Spray Paint” de Black Flag en téléchargeant ce comp.
    [Note de Levin: le monde était tellement plus simple quand tous avait en Gameboy™. Tout ce que nous avions à faire était de monter de niveau et les monstres s’en allaient. Comment les jeunes arrivent à dormir la nuit de nos jours? Rappelez –vous le dot-matrix; écoutez les derniers bouts de MIDI; et vous allez vous souvenir de garder une fée dans un pot. Poppa ne me touche pas non plus.]

    Greyscreen – The Sea in Jars

    Greyscreen – Water Drawn from Wells

    Greyscreen – From Heaven Fought Stars