Weird Canada employs an elite oligarchy to manage our beautiful contributors. Their enduring quest to unearth the tiniest of Canadian gems is shaped, managed, and molded by an aristocracy of (currently) five.

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Aaron Levin
Aaron Levin had been collecting the discarded artifacts of human expression around the Alberta region for some time before he suddenly realized there’s interesting things happening in the now. With his knack for curation, documentation, and sharing, Weird Canada quickly became the vehicle for his enthusiasm of Canada’s fringe music mise-en-scéne. Aaron likes: cereal, records, and Aliens.
Marie is a maker and a truth seeker. Between the beats of her own drum, she finds a secret time to oil the cogs of Weird Canada.
Jesse Locke
On top of his daily activities at Weird Canada, Jesse writes about music and movies for Noisey, Offerings, Fast Forward Weekly and his pet project Texture Magazine. He occasionally releases cassettes through the label Planet of the Tapes, and has played drums for bands like Dirty Beaches, Feel Alright, Silver Dapple and too many more to list. He lives in Toronto with his wife and a pair of cats named Pizza and Crumbs.
David Steinberg
David Steinberg is the proud owner of a Vancouver Public Library card. When he isn’t immersed in math education, or updating the tumblr he maintains for Macleod’s, he is probably enjoying one of his favorite Bs: Books, Bikes, Beers, Breads, or Aliens.
Jenni is a music student that doesn’t let academics get in the way of her education. In her spare time she enjoys digging through the folk/trance musics of her heritage and playing in a variety of musical weirdness with Old Ugly. Past projects include Illfit Outfit and DB Buxton Revue. Other interests: gardening, gender, bikes, eats, and spamming the Weird Canada facebook page.

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They are the bread and butter of our organization. Without their labour we would be null.

Gabriel Jasmin lives in Montreal. He is a visual artist, freelance graphic designer, musician in different forms and formations, and general culture enthusiast. Addictions include (but not limited to): bagels, records and tapes, facebook, mom’s home-made soup, Twin Peaks, procrastination and strong black coffee.
James can be found working in and around the offices of CHMA 106.9FM in Sackville, NB, where he is completing a BA in Philosophy. Besides radio, his interest in independent music has taken the form of a house venue, a research project on touring and social networks, and the occasional DJ set. Otherwise James spends his time contemplating a more egalitarian future and worrying about recession-era employment opportunities.
Collaborateur à Bande à part, Benoit a découvert ses sentiments sur la route 132, à quelque part entre Trois-Pistoles et Gaspé. Il est plus sensible à l’effort et à l’intention depuis, et nourrit le dessein de découvrir le beau dans le brut et le nouveau. / Benoit found out about his feelings while he was driving on route 132, somewhere between Trois-Pistoles and Gaspé. Since, he’s been more sensible to effort and intent, and feeds the purpose of discovering the beauty in the raw and the new.
Zachary lives in Philadelphia, he plays in a rock and roll band called Lantern. Previous musical ventures were Omon Ra and Omon Ra II. He was born in Halifax Nova Scotia, Canada and raised in a place called Musquodoboit Harbour. He briefly lived in Montreal. He likes interesting people, good food, and nature. He holds a degree in composition and has written papers on Japanese Noise and Black Metal.
By day, Jessica works as a human sponge for consumer rage. However, when she finishes up at the call center, she also writes for Coke Machine Glow, posts occasional bad musics on MySpace, and plays drums with all who will have her. She lives in Montreal (via Toronto, via Edmonton) and likes sleeping late, wheat beer, and east-facing windows.
Joni Sadler has spent the last several years working at record shops, labels, and various arts magazines in her adoptive hometown of Ottawa. She is currently the music director at CHUO 89.1 FM and is also in the process of fighting her way through a Master’s degree in communications. In her down time, she can usually be found making noise on drums, guitar, or bass, although she’s not particularly good at any of them.
  • Jared Majeski
  • Contributor // Workin’ man
  • (Edmonton, AB)
  • w: Krang
  • e: jared.majeski [at] gmail [dot] com
Born in Fort Saskatchewan, AB, Jared went to Catholic school, grew up listening to Dwight Yoakam and traded pucks for Dubble Bubble at Junior ‘A’ hockey games. A lost child from the 60s trying to find his way an even more confusing future, to Jared, non-mainstream music – of all sounds, tones and modes – is the only true beacon. An actual Edmontonian for some time now, he plays drums in heavy dad-blues group Krang and twangs and croons for good-time rock trio Bonspiel. Dislikes include the series comma. His favourite baseball player is Kelly Gruber.
Mike Deane is a novice record collector, intermediate writer and advanced music enthusiast. Hailing from rural Ontario and now in Edmonton via Montreal, he plays in bands when he wants, reads when he can and listens always. He has a show on CJSR radio in Edmonton, writes for local arts rags and struggles at playing a variety of instruments.
On Saturday mornings, Pam and her sig. other Mikey host a radio show called Bill Murray at UWO’s station CHRW. She also writes for the online/print magazine London Fuse, and has seen Serial Mom 17 times.
Paul K Lawton plays in a couple bands (Myelin Sheaths / Moby Dicks / Square Waves), has a record label that puts out records (Mammoth Cave Recording Co.), teaches courses in Digital Culture and Media Studies at The University of Lethbridge, and is trying to complete his PhD. He has a lot of records and was once McSweeny’s subscriber of the month.
Taylor Burgess is the editor of Stylus Magazine, drums in the ironically-named band Softcore, and has a plethora of notebooks full of crazy shit he hardly shows anyone because few people like the ramblings of a self-involved stoner. Due to unfortunate magikal happenings, Mr. Bourgeois is stuck in Winnipeg, but contrary to popular Kanadian opinion, he finds it gets more interesting, surreal, and wacci the longer he stays there.
  • Mark Teo
  • Contributor // True Skram
  • (Calgary, AB)
  • w: FFWD Weekly
  • e: themarkteo [at] gmail [dot] com
Mark Teo is likely running away from something, having spent the decade moving between Toronto, Montreal and Halifax. Currently a fake Albertan, he’s the music and film editor at Calgary’s Fast Forward Weekly, and the biggest emerging voice in hobo-lit since Jim Tully (note: that’s a complete lie). Other interests include accidental veganism, kite flying, bike riding and recording never-see-the-light-of-day Garageband songs.
  • Alison Lang
  • Contributor // Layabout
  • (Toronto, ON)
  • e: alison.lang [at] gmail [dot] com
Alison Lang is a new Torontonian and a proud Taurean. She previously spent the past five years in Halifax soaking up beautiful music and Propeller beer, in that order, and has written about the Halifax scene for The Coast weekly, Exclaim!, Tom Tom Magazine, Openfile Halifax and a few others. She also spent three years in the Plasmatics-inspired cheese-rock outfit Cobra Camaro. She is currently a jobless hack.
Brandon spent his formative years in Dundas, ON jamming in basements and around campfires, dreaming of a Spacemen 3 reunion tour and wearing out a VHS copy of MBV videos. He then moved to Toronto to study film and philosophy which naturally led him to a brief career of teaching english in Tokyo. After travelling extensively in Asia, studying music and confronting innumerable dangers to score obscure records, Brandon returned to Toronto where he runs Polyphasic Studios, a recording studio focused on electronic and experimental music, and its sister label Polyphasic Recordings. He also weaves disco magic as part of Invisible City Sound System and dubs-out under the alias Grand AM.
Tobias Rochman is of the opinion that New music & new ideas need to build a new audience by new methods. He is willing to help out with this aim whenever possible, through whatever means necessary. And with this in mind he hosts the weekly radio program SLANG KING on Viva Radio, writes occasionally for VICE and is one of the founders and co-organizers of The Obey Convention Music + Arts Festival in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Now, Weird Canada provides him with the opportunity to share his love of the vibrant, unique and always expanding Canadian underground with the world.
Chris recently relocated to Toronto after claiming to have “gripped every Mighty Pope LP in Edmonton”. Occasionally, he is fueled by some inherent librarian desire to collect, document and preserve musical artifacts that may otherwise go ignored, but mostly he just wants to swim. He still loves Edmonton a whole bunch. He is currently looking for name suggestions for a blog wherein he and his friend review the AFI top 100 films while working at a video store.
Jarrett Evan Samson lives in Vancouver, plays in some bands (Role Mach, Shipyards, Star Tropics, Korean Gut), and has a habit of releasing records and throwing shows under the Geographing banner. Other things he enjoys are watercolour paintings of houses, Doc Savage pocket novels and the writings of Bernard Heuvelmans. In 2010, he was punched twice for refusing to give fratboys high-fives.