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Jerry West created shockwaves when he sent Vlade Divac for a rookie coming straight from Lower Merion High School in Pennsylvania. 17 year old Kobe Bryant had come into the league as a member of the adidas footwear team. Take a look at how his signature shoes have changed in form and function over his storied career. Adidas was quick to give Kobe Bryant a shoe contract. Later Kobe made the jump to Nike. Take a look at how his signature shoes have changed in form and function over his storied career.

100 Greatest Kobe Colorways

The History of Kobe Bryant’s Basketball Shoes

Adidas Elevation EQT

Adidas EQT Elevation Colors

BUY NOW: Starting at $45

It seems like it was decades ago when a brash 17 year old rookie named Kobe Bryant came on board to lift the brand and future outlook of adidas basketball. In 1996, Kobe got his first kicks from adidas called the EQT Elevation. The athletic rising star in Bryant received an invite and made a statement in 1997 by winning the Slam Dunk Contest. With his pair of Purple Elevations, Bryant would eventually win over a new generation of basketball fans


  • Purple/White/Yellow
  • White/Black/Yellow
  • Red/Blue/Black/White
  • Teal/Black/Purple
  • Black/White/Yellow
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Adidas Kobe Bryant: KB8

kobe kb8 allstar

BUY NOW: Starting at $75

The KB8 was Kobe’s first true signature shoe. Although the EQT Elevations were donned in his rookie season, the KB 8 was designed with Kobe’s style of play in mind. Nearly 20 years in later, fans and athlete’s are still rocking Kobe’s first signature shoe.


  • Black/White-Black
  • Gray/Black-White
  • Varsity Royal/Black-White
  • Home – Varsity Purple/Maize
  • Black/Varsity Purple-Whit
  • Black/Green/Red
  • Brooklyn Nets – Black/Running White
  • NY Knicks – Gray/Orange/Blue
  • Red/Black/White
  • Blue/Vivid Yellow/Light Scarlet
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Adidas Kobe Bryant: KB8 II

Adidas Kobe KB8 II-B


BUY NOW: Starting at $54

In Kobe’s third season, he became a household name. The KB8 II also features the popular Feet You Wear technology but due to legal issues, they would also be the last pair with the technology. Aside from Feet You Wear, the KB8 II also employed Adidas’ very own adiPRENE heel cushion support system, which was developed to counter the shock of constant impact while performing The third installment of Kobes was released during the NBA’s lockout season which was shortened to 50 games.


  • White/Cadmium/Eggplant
  • White/Graphite/Lead
  • Silver/Black
  • Red/White/Blue
  • Graphite
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Adidas KB8 III

adidas KB8 III The KB8 III continued to feature adidas’ adiPRENE cushioning and and was the last in the Feet You Wear campaign. As one of the lesser known models, these will be remembered as the shoes Kobe had on when he got into the scuffle with Chris Childs.


  • Grey/Black
  • White/Purple/Yellow
  • White Black
  • Black/Purple/Yellow
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Adidas Kobe Bryant: The KOBE


BUY NOW: Starting at $45

Many will remember these as the original space boots as they released in 2000. Its unique molded upper was designed to look like the Audi TT Roadster. Kobe would go on to average 28 points on the season and made it to the Finals against the Indiana Pacers. Jalen Rose intentionally stepping below Kobe’s feet on a jumper has to be the most infamous moment in these kicks. His ankle injury kept him out for a game but it wouldn’t be enough to keep him away from a championship ring. In these kicks, Bryant would eventually earn his first of five NBA championships. Fans seem to be either hit or miss on these. In the looks department, The KOBE has to be one of the most unique to ever see the floor. When they were retroed, adidas renamed the shoes the Crazy 1.


  • Black
  • Sunshine (All-Star edition)
  • Silver
  • Ice Blue
  • Charcoal Mesh
  • White
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Adidas Kobe Bryant: KOBE TWO

Adidas Kobe Two White Side Rear

The KOBE TWO was the second installment of the space shoes; they released in 2001.This time, the shoes weren’t as sleek or as stylish as the previous pair of Kobes. If you’re a Lakers fan, you may have already known Kobe would go on and continue winning championships but he wouldn’t do so in the KOBE TWO. He disliked the comfort of the shoe and opted to rock the original KOBE for the finals. He collected ring number two by winning in a second consecutive year.


  • White/Graphite/Lead
  • Silver/Black
  • Graphite
  • White/Cadmium/Eggplant
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Nike Zoom Air Huarache 2K4


BUY NOW: Starting at $80

Kobe’s stint with adidas ended after his unhappiness with the KOBE TWO. He knew he needed a shoe to fit his performance needs. He spent a year as a sneaker free-agent and wore kicks like player editions Jordans. Kobe signed with Nike but unfortunately his legal issues kept the Swoosh from giving him his own signature line. Kobe and the Huaraches go hand in hand. The 2K4 would mark the end of the Shaq/Kobe Lakers era as they were unsuccessful in their attempt to four-peat. It would also be the beginning of the Kobe Bryant era.


  • White/Blue/Red
  • White/Purple/Gold
  • Black/Gold
  • White/Metallic-Silver/White
  • Black/Silver
  • White/Purple
  • White/Red/Black “Ecko”

Nike Air Zoom Huarache 2k5

BUY NOW: Starting at $300


  • White/Black/Red
  • Black/White
  • Black/Blue/White
  • White/Purple/Gold
  • LA Street Map
  • Gray/White/Red
  • “Oregon” Black/White/Yellow
  • “All-Star” Grey/Blue/White
  • “Doernbecher”

Nike Zoom Kobe I Shoe History

Nike Zoom Kobe 1 MPLS SideBUY NOW: Starting at $800

After leaving Adidas, Kobe Bryant was in search of his first signature shoes going through Huarache 2k4-2k5 and then some Jordans, so once the 2005 season came around, Kobe was all ready to wear the Air Zoom Kobe 1 from Nike. You would think that winning his first scoring title where he scored an amazing 35.4 points a game, that would be enough, but nope, the Black Mamba marked the season with the second highest scoring output in NBA History by scorching the Toronto Raptors for 81 points. One more thing to add, Kobe also become the fourth player in NBA history to average more than 35 points a game.


  • Nike Zoom Kobe I – MPLS
  • Nike Zoom Kobe I – White/Black-Red
  • Nike Zoom Kobe I – Concord
  • Nike Zoom Kobe I – Black/White
  • Nike Zoom Kobe I – White/Silver
  • Nike Zoom Kobe I – Premium Goods
  • Nike Zoom Kobe I – Del Sol
  • Nike Zoom Kobe I – White/Purple
  • Nike Zoom Kobe I – Navy/Red-White


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Nike Zoom Kobe II Shoe History

Nike Zoom Kobe IIBUY NOW: Starting at $548

This also marked Kobe’s first time getting involved with the design process, which took about 18 months to get the Kobe IIs out. In can be said that this is the first time Nike got to work with Kobe who, much like on the court, was very demanding, but was able to come up with a shoe that provided Kobe with the speed, strength, flexibility, support and traction that Kobe was looking for in his signature shoe.


  • Nike Zoom Kobe II – Black/Yellow
  • Nike Zoom Kobe II – White/Purple-Yellow
  • Nike Zoom Kobe II – White/Blue-Red
  • Nike Zoom Kobe II – Concord
  • Nike Zoom Kobe II – White/Silver
  • Nike Zoom Kobe II – Supernatural
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Nike Zoom Kobe III Shoe History

Nike Zoom Kobe 3 III Lakers Pair Pose Sole

BUY NOW: Starting at $440

With the building success of the Kobe 1 and Kobe 2, Nike decided to try a different path with the Nike Air Zoom Kobe 3 with a design silhouette that reminds many of the Nike Air Huarache 2k4 and 2k5, which Kobe wore prior to receiving his signature shoe line. Led by Eric Avar, the company line on the inspiration of the Kobe 3 is rooted in the Black Mamba moniker Kobe Bryant gave himself.

With focus on performance above everything, Avar started with a one piece mesh upper that featured a waffle grid like design to maintain a lightweight but stable shoe. The Kobe 3 was built with comfort, breathability and clean lines in mind to pair with the Zoom Air that cushioned the heel and forefoot. A fun fact about the diamond pattern design on the upper and outsold is that it was inspired by Kobe’s daughter, Natalia Diamante Bryant.


  • Nike Zoom Kobe III – MPLS
  • Nike Zoom Kobe III – Black/Grey
  • Nike Zoom Kobe III – Lower Merion Aces
  • Nike Zoom Kobe III – Lakers
  • Nike Zoom Kobe III – SL White
  • Nike Zoom Kobe III – Blackout
  • Nike Zoom Kobe III – Super Maize
  • Nike Zoom Kobe III – All-Star
  • Nike Zoom Kobe III – MVP
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Nike HyperDunk Kobe

kobe hyperdunk 4 The Hyperdunk introduced Flywire into the basketball world. Featuring an incredibly light but supportive side panel, the shoe was the lightest high performance shoe created. Kobe was the posterboy for these as the Redeem Team captured gold in China. In case you don’t remember, Kobe jumped over an Aston Martin.


  • Lakers – Purple / Gold
  • Lakers – White/Purple/Gold
  • Black/Anthracite
  • USA – White / Obsidian
  • BTTF McFly
  • Lower Merion Aces
  • Aston Martin
  • All-Star West
  • All-Star East
  • Snakepool
  • China
  • Germany
  • Puerto Rico
  • Spain
  • FC Barcelona
  • Metallic Gold
  • Metallic Eggplant
  • White/Navy/Ice
  • Grey/White
  • Red/Red/White
  • McDonalds All American
  • Black/Red
  • Black/White
  • Kay Yow Think Pink
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Nike Zoom Kobe IV

Kobe demanded for “the lowest, lightest weight basketball shoe” ever made and sparked another boom in Nike’s Innovation Kitchen.

Eric Avar and his team took Kobe’s request and did a serious Usain Bolt sprint down the basketball sneaker expressway. Employing the Hyperdunk’s Flywire technology, a sleek upper, a fortified heel base, and lunar foam technology, the Nike Zoom Kobe IV should rightfully stand out perhaps as Eric Avar’s greatest creation to date. With all things considered, the shoe broke every preconceived notion about what a high performance basketball shoe “should be”. In this shoe Kobe dropped 61 at MSG and won his fourth NBA title, first without Shaquille O’Neal.


  • Nike Zoom Kobe IV – Lower Merion
  • Nike Zoom Kobe IV – White/Gold-Navy
  • Nike Zoom Kobe IV – Lakers Gradient Home
  • Nike Zoom Kobe IV – Lakers Gradient Away
  • Nike Zoom Kobe IV – Del Sol
  • Nike Zoom Kobe IV – MLPS
  • Nike Zoom Kobe IV – 4 Rings
  • Nike Zoom Kobe IV – White/Purple
  • Nike Zoom Kobe IV – Concord
  • Nike Zoom Kobe IV – White/Silver

  • Nike Zoom Kobe IV – Draft Day
  • Nike Zoom Kobe IV – Philly
  • Nike Zoom Kobe IV – Black/Royal
  • Nike Zoom Kobe IV – Black/Gold
  • Nike Zoom Kobe IV – Carpe Diem
  • Nike Zoom Kobe IV – POP 61 Points Away
  • Nike Zoom Kobe IV – POP 61 Points Home
  • Nike Zoom Kobe IV – POP
  • Nike Zoom Kobe IV – All-Star
  • Nike Zoom Kobe IV – Black/Red
  • Nike Zoom Kobe IV – Chaos

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Nike Zoom Kobe V

BUY NOW: Starting at $410

Kobe challenged Eric Avar to make this shoe even lighter than its predecessor. The Zoom Kobe IV weighed in at 12 ounces. The Zoom Kobe V? 10.6 ounces. Going lighter and lower, the Zoom Kobe V once again featured Flywire in the medial and lateral sides.

Like the Zoom Kobe IV, Nike has upped the ante with a bevy of exclusive colorways. Kobe would follow his championship performance with a repeat in the Zoom Kobe V against the Los Angeles Lakers’ arch nemesis, the Boston Celtics.


  • Championship Kicks: Nike Kobe V Blowout Special
  • Nike Zoom Kobe V – Chaos
  • Nike Zoom Kobe V – Dark Knight
  • Nike Zoom Kobe V – Bruce Lee
  • Nike Zoom Kobe V – Inline Home
  • Nike Zoom Kobe V – All Star Game
  • Nike Zoom Kobe V – Lower Merion Aces
  • Nike Zoom Kobe V – USC
  • Nike Zoom Kobe V – Duke
  • Nike Zoom Kobe V – Rice
  • Nike Zoom Kobe V – Black/Deep Forest-Varsity Maize
  • Nike Zoom Kobe V – Lakers Home
  • Nike Zoom Kobe V – Draft Day Hornets
  • Nike Zoom Kobe V – Away
  • Nike Zoom Kobe V – Playoff Pack
  • Nike Zoom Kobe V – Del Sol
  • Nike Zoom Kobe V – Blackout
  • Nike Zoom Kobe V – Aston Martin
  • Nike Zoom Kobe V – Team USA
  • Nike Zoom Kobe V – MLK Day
  • Nike Zoom Kobe V – Big Stage Home
  • Nike Zoom Kobe V – Big Stage Road
  • Nike Zoom Kobe V – Lower Merion Home
  • Nike Zoom Kobe V – Rice Home
  • Nike Zoom Kobe V – Ink
  • Nike Zoom Kobe V – 5 Rings
  • Nike Zoom Kobe V – White Del Sol
  • Nike Zoom Kobe V – Blackout
  • Nike Zoom Kobe V – United We Rise
  • Nike Zoom Kobe V – Wolf Grey
  • Nike Zoom Kobe V – White/Black-Red
  • Nike Zoom Kobe V – Miles Davis
  • Nike Zoom Kobe V – China
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Nike Zoom Kobe VI

BUY NOW: Starting at $165

Once again, Nike’s Zoom Kobe 6 went with a low cut model. With a snakeskin look on the upper, there’s no denying Kobe’s alter ego. A Phylon midsole and Zoom air units in the forefoot and heel, the Kobe VI continued Kobe’s line of excellence. Nike introduced the sixth signature sneaker in Kobe’s burgeoning global brand. Mamba himself offered some insight as well saying, “The Kobe VI is a very character driven shoe with the alter ego of the Black Mamba prominently featured. We continue to evolve the technology to make it a performance based shoe, but aesthetically you haven’t seen a shoe pop like this before. It brings to life what drives me.”


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Nike Zoom Kobe VII

BUY NOW: Starting at $145

The Kobe 7 featured Nike Flywire and a full-length Cushlon cushioning. By going away from Zoom Air, these presented a new technology. The Kobe 7 allowed players to change insoles. There was the “Attack Fast” and the “Attack Strong”. Based on your game, the interchangeable insoles gave necessary support. Last time it was the Hyperdunk, this time the Kobe 7 accompanied Kobe to London for the 2012 Olympics, in which they captured gold.


  • Nike Zoom Kobe VII BHM – Black History Month
  • Nike Zoom Kobe VII All-Star – Big Bang
  • Nike Zoom Kobe VII Year of the Dragon
  • Nike Zoom Kobe VII Duke
  • Nike Zoom Kobe VII Volt
  • Nike Zoom Kobe VII Wolf
  • Nike Zoom Kobe VII Shark
  • Nike Zoom Kobe VII Cheetah – Christmas
  • Nike Zoom Kobe VII Concord
  • Nike Zoom Kobe VII Del Sol
  • Nike Zoom Kobe VII Black/Grey
  • Nike Zoom Kobe VII Invisibility Cloak
  • Nike Zoom Kobe VII Black/White-Wolf Grey-Cool Grey
  • Nike Zoom Kobe VII iD
  • Nike Zoom Kobe VII Lakers Home
  • Nike Zoom Kobe VII Poison Dart Frog – Easter
  • Nike Zoom Kobe VII Poison Dart Frog – Lakers
  • Nike Zoom Kobe VII Poison Dart Frog – Red – Blue – Black
  • Nike Zoom Kobe VII Elite – Away
  • Nike Zoom Kobe VII Elite – Home
  • Nike Zoom Kobe VII Lower Merion Aces
  • Nike Zoom Kobe VII Bright Orange
  • Nike Zoom Kobe VII Black/Grey Concord
  • Nike Zoom Kobe VII iD – Fade
  • Nike Zoom Kobe VII iD – Poison Dart Frog
  • Nike Zoom Kobe VII – Cheetah
  • Nike Zoom Kobe VII – Galaxy All-Star
  • Nike Zoom Kobe VII – Gold Medal
  • Nike Zoom Kobe VII – Grey Cheetah
  • Nike Zoom Kobe VII – Fireberry
  • Nike Zoom Kobe VII – What the Kobe
  • Nike Zoom Kobe VII TB – Royal
  • Nike Zoom Kobe VII TB – Black
  • Nike Zoom Kobe VII – FC Barcelona Pack Aqua/Orange
  • Nike Zoom Kobe VII – FC Barcelona Pack Yellow/Blue
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Nike Zoom Kobe VIII

BUY NOW: Starting at $149

Going back to a Kobe V look, the Kobe 8 System introduced the lights signature shoe. An engineered mesh is partnered up with lunarlon cushioning to provide for a great fit. These were a step up from the Kobe 7. From an aesthetic stand point, these allowed sneaker heads to wear them on and off the basketball court.


    • Nike Kobe 8 System – Black/Yellow
    • Nike Kobe 8 System – Squadron
    • Nike Kobe 8 System – Volt
    • Nike Kobe 8 System – Christmas
    • Nike Kobe 8 System – Black History Month
    • Nike Kobe 8 System – All Star Game
    • Nike Kobe 8 System – Blue Lights
    • Nike Kobe  8 System – Supernatural
    • Nike Kobe 8 System – Home
    • >Nike Kobe 8 System – Away
    • Nike Kobe 8 System – Duke
    • Nike Kobe 8  System – Year of the Snake (Valentines day)
    • Nike Kobe 8 System – Year of the Snake (Red)
    • Nike Kobe 8 System – Year of the Snake  (Black)
    • Nike Kobe 8 System – Easter
    • Nike Kobe 8 System – Westchester HS
    • Nike Kobe 8 System – Elite
    • Nike Kobe 8 System – Blitz Blue
    • Nike Kobe 8 System – Mambacurials
    • Nike Kobe VIII System – Python
    • Nike Kobe VIII System – Christmas
    • Nike Kobe VIII System – Blue Coral Snake
    • Nike Kobe VIII System – Extraterrestrial All-Star
    • Nike Kobe VIII System – Deep Royal
    • Nike Kobe VIII System – Mambacurial
    • Nike Kobe VIII System – Pit Viper
    • Nike Kobe VIII System – Mine Grey
    • Nike Kobe VIII System – Challenge Red
    • Nike Kobe VIII System – Year of the Snake Red Suede
    • Nike Kobe VIII System – Superhero
    • Nike Kobe VIII System – Cool Grey-Orange
    • Nike Kobe VIII System – Graffiti
    • Nike Kobe VIII System – Fireworks
    • Nike Kobe VIII System – Red Boa
    • Nike Kobe VIII System – Gorge Green
    • Nike Kobe VIII System – Game Royal
    • Nike Kobe VIII System – What the Kobe
    • Nike Kobe VIII System – Paisley
    • Nike Kobe VIII System – Snakeskin
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Nike Zoom Kobe Venomenom IV

Nike Zoom Kobe 4 Venomenom Purple Wolf Grey Volt 3

BUY NOW: Starting at $99


  • Nike Zoom Kobe Venomenom- Purple/Wolf Grey-Volt
  • Kobe Venomenom 4 Glow in the Dark
  • Kobe Venomenom 4 Green Abyss
  • Kobe Venomenom 4 Diffused Jade
  • Kobe Venomenom 4 Lakers
  • Kobe Venomenom 4 Black/Gold/Crimson
  • Kobe Venomenom 4 Year of the Horse
  • Kobe Venomenom 4 Inline
  • Kobe Venomenom 4 Turbo Green
  • Kobe Venomenom 4 White/University Gold/Wolf Grey
  • Kobe Venomenom 4 University Red/Black
  • Kobe Venomenom 4 Wolf Grey
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Nike Kobe Prelude Pack

Nike went ahead and decided to retro Kobe’s signature shoes in anticipation of the Kobe 9. They called it the Road to the Masterpiece aka the first pair of Kobe 9s. Beginning with the Kobe 1s, each shoe would release one week after another. In Kobe Bryant’s return from his Achilles injury, he wore the Prelude 1s against the Toronto Raptors on December 8, 2013. Nike Kobe Prelude PackBUY NOW: Starting at $500

While preparing for the launch of the Kobe 9, the Masterpiece, the Kobe lined retroed for the first time. Each pair of Kobe’s signature line released with a story behind it. Returning from his achillies injury, Kobe actually returend to action against the Toronto Raptors in the Zoom Kobe 1,something that hasn’t been released since 2006.


  • Nike Kobe Prelude 1 “81 Pts.”
  • Nike Kobe Prelude 2 “4/50+ Points”
  • Nike Kobe Prelude 3 “Misery”
  • Nike Kobe Prelude 4 “Fls. MVP”
  • Nike Kobe Prelude 5″Fls. MVP”
  • Nike Kobe Prelude 6 “AS MVP”
  • Nike Kobe Prelude 7 “LDN”
  • Nike Kobe Prelude 8 “Reflection”
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Nike Kobe 9 Elite Hi / Low / EM

22. Nike Kobe 9 MasterpieceBUY NOW: Starting at $127

The Kobe 9s came in three different models. The Elites came in both high tops and low tops while the EM (engineered mesh) was specifically created in the lows. The Elites feature Nike’s FlyKnit material which also the first shoe to  introduce the light, strong, and supportive material to the basketball court. Full Performance Review


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Nike Kobe X

nike kobe 10 profile insoleBUY NOW: Starting at $98

The Kobe 9 changed the Kobe line and the Kobe X followed. While they created another low model, the Kobe X brought an Elite high model which looked like the Kobe 9. Once again, Nike allowed wearers to find a model to fit their needs. The Kobe X came in a seamless textile upper, Elite Flyknit low, and an Elite Flyknit high model. The red stitches remained, this time only 4 on the left heel.


Kobe X – First Impressions & Review

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