Our Mission Statement

Weird Canada exists to encourage, connect, and document creative expression across Canada.

Our values
  • We are a space for artistic, literary, and musical enthusiasm.
  • We aim to connect the disparate communities that feed the creative cosmos of Canada.
  • We capture the physical ephemera that contains and surrounds art, literature, and music.
  • We welcome the makers of art, literature, and music who take risks and experiment.
  • We welcome excited minds.
Our obligations

We will treat all living beings with dignity and respect. We will listen to each other, and try to understand each other. We will challenge ourselves to be kinder and smarter human beings.

We acknowledge that we are biased, and accept that our bias is not always visible. We strive to make this bias visible, and challenge our relationship with it. We do not tolerate racism, homophobia, misogyny, or any other body-based discrimination.

We exist to encourage, connect, and document creative expression across Canada.

Our movements should reflect our vision, and we will remain open to and excited about creativity and community.

PS – This site exists to promote obscure bands; however, if any artist would like to have their mp3s removed, just contact us and they will be taken down promptly.

We have a lot of fun playing with hyperbole.

To reach all of Weird Canada or submit music, art, literature, etc. click here!

Notre mission

Weird Canada a pour but d’encourager, de mettre en contact et de décrire les pratiques d’expression créatrice au Canada.

Nos valeurs
  • Nous offrons un espace consacré à l’enthousiasme pour les arts, la littérature et la musique.
  • Nous tentons de relier les communautés disparates qui forment la constellation créative canadienne.
  • Nous répertorions les objets éphémères qui véhiculent ou qui complémentent l’art, la littérature et la musique.
  • Nous encourageons les artistes, écrivain-e-s et musicien-ne-s prêt-e-s à prendre des risques et à expérimenter.
  • Nous apprécions les esprits vifs.
Nos obligations

Nous espérons traiter tous les êtres vivants avec dignité et respect. Nous nous engageons à nous écouter les uns les autres et à tenter de nous comprendre. Nous nous mettons au défi de devenir des êtres humains plus chaleureux et intelligents.

Nous reconnaissons notre partialité et nous acceptons qu’elle n’est pas toujours visible. Nous nous efforcerons de la rendre visible et de la contester. Nous ne tolérerons pas le racisme, l’homophobie, la misogynie ou toute autre forme de discrimination corporelle.

Nous avons pour but d’encourager, de mettre en contact et de décrire les pratiques d’expression créatrice au Canada.

Nos actions doivent refléter notre vision. Ainsi, nous resterons ouverts et enthousiastes en ce qui a trait à la créativité et à la communauté.

P. S. : Ce site vise à promouvoir le travail d’artistes méconnus. Cependant, si vous souhaitez que vos fichiers mp3 n’apparaissent plus sur le site, contactez-nous et ils seront rapidement retirés.

Nous nous amusons beaucoup avec l’hyperbole.

PPS – Pour joindre tous les rédacteurs et rédactrices de Weird Canada, soumettez votre musique, art, livre ou zine ici!

Lizard Government

Marie LeBlanc FlanaganExecutive Director // Editor in Chief // God (Perth, ON)


Marie founded Wyrd Arts Initiatives. She is a maker and a truth seeker.

Emily McQuarrieVolunteer Coordinator // Admin Goddess // Curator (Cantley, QC)

Fan Club Records

Emily is from Cantley, QC but she does not live there right now. She spends all of her time writing emails, but she is mostly OK with that. When Emily is not neck-deep in her wyrdo-life, she is working with Debaser, day-dreaming about Fan Club Records, and over-volunteering herself for the things that she loves.

Phoenix BainWeb Editor // Wyrd Distro Curator (Victoria, BC)

Phoenix is a Southern Ontario transplant living on the West Coast. When not spending time at her local campus station making radio, she likes to put on shows, read sci-fi, make coffee, walk dogs, and study health psychology.

Talwinder KaurWeb Editor // Spiritual Seeker (Waterloo, ON)


Talwinder Kaur hails from India and came all the way to Canada for higher education and wonderful life. I go to school of Computing Science, Thompson Rivers University, Kamloops, British Columbia (BC), where she has been studying since 2013. Right now I am doing my Co-op as Application Development Student with Blackberry (Waterloo) and i am enjoying it but super busy too :P Talwinder is a President of TRU Sikh Student Club. She is active member of Caucus club and Student Representative in Student Caucus Club. She has a passion for running, spirituality, painting, reading, singing and meditation. She love to spend her time being in the lap of nature, viewing sunsets, drawing and playing musical instruments.

Jonathan ParkWeb Editor (Victoria, BC)

Johnnie RegaladoNew Music & Music Videos Editor & Curator // Contributor (Victoria, BC)


Johnnie Regalado is Program Director at CFUV 101.9 FM in Victoria, BC where he and other crusaders champion the Waaay West Coast music scene. He produces a studio performance video series out of the radio station’s tiny basement closet and hosts a weekly Canadian music program called True North. When he’s not trying to revolutionize the music world he’s checking hockey stats or re-watching The Wire.

Mailis RodriguesNew Music Editor & Curator (Montreal, QC)

Mailis has the name of a comics character and used to be sound technician in Lisbon, now works mostly with electronics and designs interactive stuff. Loves bread and music (especially playlists made by others), knits and sews a lot in the free time. Writes about music for a couple of portuguese editions and needs a monthly dose of live shows to feel sane.

Christine McKennaNew Music Editor & Curator // Internet Friend (Ottawa, ON)

Mainly just bad jokes and cool Wikipedia links

Christine has a fairly robust collection of band t-shirts.

Joannie PharandTranslation Coordinator (Montréal, QC)


Originally from Montréal and now based in Houston, Texas, Joannie recently completed a graduate degree in translation at Concordia University. She has a Bachelor in Contemporary dance and was a former co-host of the podcast Dirty Feet on the No More Radio Network.

Eileen WennekersEx Libris Editor & Curator (Toronto, ON)

Eileen Wennekers hails from Calgary but has been in Toronto for many years messing around guitaring and doing dialectical psychoanalytic theory and media archaeology and the philosophy of perception and poetry. More importantly: There should be an entire squirrel linguistics project with lots of government funding and Serious Conferences and it shouldn’t matter at all whether or not the research and conclusions of the squirrel linguists are entirely fabricated, because utility is monstrously boring anyways.

Joel E. ThibertInferred Views Editor & Curator (London, ON)


Joel writes and edits things. He wants everything to be okay for us all. He hopes you are having a lovely day.

Pavan BrarIdeas Editor & Curator // Contributor (Mississauga, ON)

Pavan Brar grew up in Mississauga, has been playing guitar since the age of thirteen, and has been a David Bowie enthusiast since his high school days. He currently spends most of his time doing his best to juggle academic endeavours with his involvement in weird canada, as well as writing and recording music.

Josh SilverHow-To Editor & Curator // Contributor // General Weirdness (Toronto, ON)

Greetings Earthlings. I come to you from the city of Toronto although my travels have allowed me to reside in Calgary. I come to your strange planet to comment on the great and venerable musical tradition I hear so much about. When I’m not subjecting myself to diverse music, I study architecture and spend much quality time with my sketchbook. I am an avid traveller and document the world with the help of my trusty Nikon film camera. I enjoy reading and don’t own a TV. The drums are my instrument but I also Tap Dance; its all rhythm huh? It seems as though I fully experience your interesting and diverse culture. TRANSMISSION OUT.

Joshua RobinsonImprint Editor & Curator // Contributor (Victoria, BC)

The Sound & Silence Collective

Purveyor of winter-infused and sonorous blank wall lullabies as Poler Bear, Josh is a co-founder and operator of the Saskatoon, SK-based record label, The Sound & Silence Collective. An avid consumer of Canadian DIY artforms, Josh can be found floating in the space between the here and there, aimlessly pursuing the elusive dreamgazery of northernly caterwauling.

Julia DickensFar Shores Curator // Slimer (Toronto, ON)

Julia Dickens

Julia Dickens is a Toronto-based visual artist, illustrator, curator, animator and do-er of other things, probably. She is a former board member of The While House Studio Project, and taught animation workshops at the National Film Board Mediatheque for over two years. Julia designs posters, organizes events sometimes, naps, makes new friends, binds zines, eats snacks, thinks about smashing the patriarchy, goes to shows, mostly just wants to draw. She’s a real wild cat! Also runs at cool girls only mix tape blog, The Loving Echo.

Rachel WeldonNew Music Curator // Burner (Ottawa, ON)


Rachel manifests wyrdness in her local creative community, freelancing as a professional volunteer and odd-jobber. She produces and hosts Debaser on CKCU in Ottawa, promotes live music events, and generally supports the weird and creative in her local scene. Among her favourite things are coconut ice cream, poststructuralist theory, attending Burning Man, and filling the stomachs of weary touring bands with her homemade chili. She is continuing her studies in english literature and critical theory at McGill University in September 2014.

Scott BrownEphemera Curator (Sackville, NB)


Scott Brown has called Sackville, N.B. home, on and off, for the past 26 years (currently on). Scott is a graduate of Mount Allison University (History major, Political Science minor) and has worked for such notable arts/music organizations as Attic Broadcasting Co. (Music Director, Spoken Word Director, Training Coordinator), Dawson City Music Festival (Volunteer Coordinator/Production Assistant, 2011), What’s Up Yukon (freelance arts/music writer) and the Stereophonic Music Festival (Coordinator 2010-11, 2014-present). Scott currently plays in Kappa Chow, Jacuzzi Birth and Jon Mckiel’s backing band and has in the past performed with Boxers, Lucas Hicks, Jerk Damaged and Banded Stilts. Scott has moved eight times in the past four years and is avoiding packing for the ninth move by writing this bio.

Katie JensenWyrd Distro Curator // Furby (Toronto, ON)

Music Between Friends

Katie Jensen is an 80-year old ghoul haunting a 26-year old’s corporeal form. She enjoys gardening, staring off into space, biting, gossiping, vegan baking, and taking advantage of her caregivers. She is not currently using her HBSc in Biology for anything. She hosts and produces Indie-licious on 93.3 CFMU in Hamilton, writes for Music Between Friends, and is involved with Burn Down The Capital’s Feast In The East, a monthly music/art/food installation east of the DVP in Toronto. She is interested in that sandwich, if you’re not going to finish it.

Merray GergesPublishing Flow Manager (Halifax, NS)

Jordan BakerPublishing Flow Manager

Alexandra RimmingtonNew Music Curator (Guelph, ON)

Samuel BarrettNew Music Curator (Edmonton, AB)

Cory LeFebvreCopy Editor (Ottawa, ON)

Hilary LawsonCopy Editor (Ottawa, ON)


Lizard Army

Aaron LevinLizard Overlord // Mathemagician (Waterloo, ON)


Aaron Levin founded Weird Canada in 2009. He enjoys math, machine learning, pure functional programming (Haskell), and vocal drones.

Aaron KellyVolunteer (Charlottetown, PE)


Audio/Visual performance.
Aaron Kelly died years ago. This is the best we could do with modern computing and archived memories. We know it’s not much.

Aaron MangleArtist // Tour Consultant (Halifax, NS)


Musician/Artist living and working in Halifax NS. Writes occasionally for Weird Canada. You can ask Aaron about touring, breakfast, swimming etc.

Adam BradleyFormer: Assistant Music Editor (Toronto, ON)


Adam Bradley is a Concert Programmer for Wavelength Music Arts Projects and Production Manager at Toronto’s premier experimental/post-classical venue, The Music Gallery. Among other publications, has contributed to Exclaim! Magazine and Offerings. Newfoundland roots still spring out of him as from the eyes of old potatoes, though he calls Toronto home.

Ajay MehmiWriter (Cambridge, ON)


Ajay is a volunteer writer at Weird Canada. He enjoys movies and yelling at the television. He’s also a musician, but his real dream is space travel.

Alanna YaraskavitchWriter // Couch Creeper (Ottawa, ON)


One time Richard Simmons sent me a signed t-shirt in the mail.

Alec LovelyVolunteer // Mainstream outsider (Victoria, BC)

Alec is a former student for real, and works in the outdoors . Spends time in the outdoors listening to songs and thinking about what those songs made him think about, and really, truly loves what Weird is all about. He also really digs glancing through the Fine Cooking magazines at the grocery store checkout, and has recently moved beyond drinking exclusively IPAs.

Alex BourqueContributor // Volunteer (Montréal, QC)

Alex lives and writes songs in Montréal.

Alexandra JaworiwskyFormer: Live Music Cartographer // Weird Stage Editor // Petrichor Enthusiast (London, ON)

Alex dreams of playing bass in a pop-punk band. Her only problem is that she cannot actually play bass. For now, she is content with staying Weird and working towards making the world a beautiful place.

Aliké HarelTranslator (QC)

Aliké is an artisan, with words, life, fibers, or plants. She enjoys growing words from seed with Weird.

Amy MacDonaldContributor // Bad Puns (Montréal, QC)


Amy is a longtime Weird Canada lurker turned active volunteer. She lives in Montréal, where she’s inches away from completing her M.A. and metres away from the best breakfast in town (Vieux Vélo!). She’s yelled, whispered, fluted, keyboarded, and guitared for various bands and friends in Montréal and Edmonton.

Anaïs NjikeVolunteer (Toronto, ON)


Anaïs grew up in France, lives in Canada and is a megalomaniac. She enjoys reading, watching a movie, laughing, sharing a simple moment with crazy friends, cooking out on a rooftop or just helping out whenever she can.

Andrea ManicaVolunteer (Toronto, ON)


Andrea Manica is an illustrator living in Toronto. Inspired by music, nature, women, and pals. She has been volunteering with Weird Canada since winter 2014.

Andrew NevilleFriend (Halifax, NS)


Lazy but well meaning supporter of all good people. Occasional singer of songs.

AnneMarie PapillonFormer:Cityscape Editor // Translator (Quebec, QC)

A House down the Road

AnneMarie rides a bike, laughs and reads. She is hip to the max. She loves to discover so Cityscape made sense.

Ariel YangContributor // Dead Beat (Toronto, ON)


Having been named after one of the Disney princesses by her sister when she was six, Ariel has made it her lifelong goal to be the antithesis of that mermaid. Born in Toronto and raised in the ‘burbs, Ariel spent her teen years bumming around the Newmarket punk scene. She has worked with Chart Attack, NXNE 2014, and has produced a documentary short on the Toronto Noise Punk community, entitled Untold Noise.

Barb CrawfordVolunteer // Loser (Saint John, NB)


Barb is a Saint John lover, a municipal engineer, an arts supporter, a board sitter, a local music listener and blogger. She has 3 cats.

Benjamin Bush AndersonContributor // Gully Rat (Wolfville, NS)

Benjamin is an aspiring-poet-in-traning holed away in the craggy shoals of Nova Scotia. You can find him making books, risotto, and a fool of himself.

Benoit PoirierContributor // Passeur (Montréal, QC)


Benoit knows it’s not the main issue, but he enjoys the oddball franco effort and is interested in supporting venues to use the nourishing power of music for growth. He also really loves things made of wood.
A contributor to Bande à part, Benoit discovered his emotions on Highway 132, somewhere between Trois-Pistoles and Gaspé. He’s been sensitive to effort and intention ever since, and feeds mind and soul with the discovery of beauty in the new and raw.

Benoit ArcandContributor, Languages // Amancheur (Quebec, QC)

Benoit handles literature and believes in a spiritual connection through music to seal all semantic loophole.

Brad CaseyWriter // Gypsy Zen Degenerate (Toronto, ON)

Full Stride Fathomed

Brad Casey is a writer, photo taker, drink maker, traveller and semi-retired musician living in Toronto (which isn’t his home but it’ll do for now). Things he loves include: motorcycles, New Mexico, duende, witches, hippies, hipsters, beautiful women, emotionally in-tune men, consent, honesty, the moment Snoop asked for a photo with him, and that feeling you get when you finish a project and it’s finally out in the world. Things he hates include: that feeling you get when you finish a project and it’s finally out in the world and now you have to start something new. He also contributes to VICE and Noisey and he owns, edits and contributes to a bi-annual poetry magazine called The Four Poets.

Brendan LehmanContributor // Concious Brain (Sudbury, ON)


Brendan is a suburban Torontonian happily stuck in Northern Ontario. He’s trying a masters degree in Biology looking at consciousness and video games. He hosts Clark’s Fortress of Solitude on CKLU Saturday night in Sudbury. He makes his own video games sometimes. He gets political sometimes too. Always exploring, rarely sleeping.

Brennen McCrackenContributor // Social Media (Halifax, NS)

Ocean of Antics

Brennan is a writer and student from the far shores of Halifax, interested in the accessibility, diversity and documentation of do-it-yourself art scenes. When he isn’t enthusing about music for Weird Canada, you can find him preparing a guide to safe, all ages and DIY spaces in Canada, trying his hand at show promotion and asking lots of questions.

Brian FauteuxContributor (Toronto, ON)


Brian researches and teaches on music and radio. He has a PhD in Communication from Concordia University and his dissertation was on campus radio and local music in Canada. His work is motivated by an impulse to help document, reflect, and sustain local and independent musical activity.

Brian SchirkContributor (Toronto, ON)


Brian Schirk is a multidisciplinary artist and events coordinator from the wyrd bubble of Guelph, ON. Currently living in Toronto, he consistently spreads himself thin by sticking his hands in as many projects as he can. He is a programmer for the Guelph based Kazoo! Collective, curating events for Kazoo! Fest, and the Kazoo! event series.

Brian PoetzDeveloper // Computerer (The Forest, ON)

under construction.GIF

Bryan enjoys classic information superhighway GIFs and staring into the abyss. One day he will put a weird bbs on the internet.

Bryce WarnesContributor // Schlub (Vancouver, BC)

Bryce Warnes

Bryce grew up (mostly) on Vancouver Island. He lives on the Mainland now, where he writes short stories and once in a while gets out to see people play music. His dream is to one day run a sanctuary for post-menopausal laying hens.

Carly BeathVolunteer (Toronto, ON)


Carly Beath (aka Carly Rhiannon) is a musical jack¬-of-¬all–trades. She is the music supervisor for Toronto¬ based web series LESlieVILLE, nominated for Best Soundtrack at this year’s Indie Series Awards. Her music business background also includes work at MapleMusic Recordings/Open Road Recordings/Fontana North/MapleMusic.com. She has released a solo EP entitled The Cure to Growing Older, recorded and mixed music for other artists, created music for game jam projects, helped organize Ladyfest Toronto, delivered music production workshops and hosted a campus radio show.

Her alter ego is Skirt Cobain in the all¬-female Nirvana cover band Hervana.

carol fraserContributor // vegetabler (montréal, QC (somehow not on this list already?))

carol cultivates

carol is a multitongued weird lizard hailing from canada’s pants (the usa) but happy to call montréal home. she plays cello and enjoys growing things like kale and her hair.

Catherine DebardCollaborator // Translator (Montréal, QC)

Jeunesse Cosmique

Guru of love, dreamer, stargazer, co-director of space label from Montréal Jeunesse Cosmique, musician as YlangYlang and in many psychedelic projects like A sacred cloud and Les Ghost’s of Ghazals. She is also booker in different creative gatherings and is looking for freedom and peace in a post-new-age world.

Charlotte Contributor // Elf (Toronto, ON)

Charlotte is a Toronto based artist who studies media, digital painting and animation. She occasionally takes on the role of contributor, outreach or elf at Weird Canada.

Chizz MContributor // Strawberry Enthusiast (Halifax, NS)


Chizz is not her ‘real name’, but a nickname. And with a nickname for a paranoid kid, writing on the internet becomes a whole lot easier. Currently studying for a double major of Gender and Women Studies and Musicology (not the Prince album, but, could you imagine how awesome that would be?). She spends her free time yelling about the state of the world and contributing regularly to The Pulp Zine and other music blogs. What a perfect degree.

Christelle Saint-JulienWriter // Translator (Montréal, QC)


Christina BellFormer: Ephemera Editor // Forever Student (Montréal, QC)


Christina is a textbook Gemini and forever student of lit, history, politics and sustainability in Montreal. She is a cheerleader for the arts and digs writing on, reading about or participating in all things Canadian (especially the weird stuff). In the ephemera section she will show you artist’s personal things for your viewing pleasure!

Christopher EversFriend // Distrobution (Toronto, ON)

Reel Cod

Chris is a founder of Reel Cod Records, played in a couple bands called and Mescal Buttons that don’t play much anymore. Listener, supporter, maker, facilitator, softie.

Christopher LarameeContributor // Ribbon Muncher (Saskatoon, SK)

Shooting Guns

Christopher Laramee has written about Saskatoon and area music for quite some time in local rags and for local community station CFCR. He also plays music in Wasted Cathedral, Shooting Guns, The Foggy Notions and Golden Smoke. He claims to be unemployable, eats broken gin bottles and typewriter ribbons for sustenance, and thinks Flipper’s Public Flipper Limited album is one of the greatest works of art of the 20th century. Really.

Claire Marie GuimondContributor (Montréal, QC)

Appreciates the opportunity to just do the thing!

Colin MedleyVideographer // Photographer (Toronto, ON)


Colin is a documentary photographer and music video director, as well as one of the organizers of the Long Winter concert series in Toronto.

Dan ShawVolunteer (Waterloo, ON)


Dan sometimes helps out with the Wyrd Distro data entry and maintaining things, and sometimes has a radio show on 100.3 CKMS in Waterloo.

David SteinbergFormer: Ex Libris Editor // Personification (Vancouver, BC)


David Steinberg is the proud owner of a Vancouver public library card (despite having recently moved to the USA). He spends his time teaching mathematics at the University of Oregon, trying to write short fiction, and biking absolutely everywhere. He likes lists, the Oulipo, and putting the grapes in his mouth all at once.

David FerrisContributor // Black Lodge Recruiter (Edmonton, AB)


Dave is originally from Edmonton, via the Great North tundra. He bangs his sticks and messes around on the keys in a few groups, such as Taiwan and Congregations. He has nine bikes, watches Twin Peaks (too much), and, on top of that, is an accomplished wizard. Now and then, he lets Stabmonton in on the latest Albertan follies.

David KohlerTranslator // Volunteer (Vancouver, BC)

David Kohler has a weird taste for mathematics and other similar arts. He spends his time teaching, writing and making funny faces. Having moved away from the Old World (and in particular Switzerland) several years ago, he is slowly but surely, becoming northernly.

Dominic (Owen) MpiléTranslator // Scriptwriter (Montréal, QC)

Dominic (also Dominique) is a translator with a great enthusiasm for history (middle age, greece), soccer(Liverpool, AS Roma, Montréal Impact), music (Michael Jackson, Michael Bolton, U2) and movies (High noon, swimming pool, breathless). He directed 3 short films, he also share a passion for quebecois and international movies with friends. He belives translation work is a good way force people to improve their level of languisitic knowledge. Finally, Dominic usually spends a couple of weeks in Cuba during winter to relax his brain.

Don L’OrangeContributor // Rat Priest (Burnaby, BC)

Don’s Website

Donald is a spiritual servant for cults: Stamina Mantis, Total Ice, and N.213’s Group Vision. He exorcises using visual arts, channels beings from alternate realms for psionic assistance, and studies ancient scrolls within the confines of an institution. Don believes his most important contribution to society is his creation of nothing.

Doreen GirardVolunteer (Winnipeg, MB)

Doreen Girard is a filmmaker and musician living in Winnipeg, MB. A founding member of the Bent Light and Negative Space artist’s collectives, she operates hand-built and repurposed slide, film and animation-reel projectors, producing mutable images that are often accompanied by live music. Her interests include thrift stores, Ukrainian folk choirs, 80s thrash, funereal doom and black metal, the physics of light and the early history of cinematography. She has performed her films at various festivals, such as the Plastic Paper Festival, WNDX, Suoni Per Il Popolo and Pop Montréal.
Doreen plays bass in Talon, Sphagnum and Zaltu Mons, and plays in the electro-acoustic piano drone triad, Burden. She is currently working on a film that addresses the concept of Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP), to be premiered at POP Montréal 2013, as well as an animation project on the Winnipeg Film Group’s newly customised Oxberry/Milne animation stand.

Dorothea PaasVolunteer (Toronto, ON)


Dorothea hopes to see you out at a show, cheers( *_*)o⾃⾃o(*_* ).

Emma ShulistVolunteer (Kitchener, ON)

Emma is a full-time student in Waterloo. She spends most of her time attempting to help others and trying to translate her thoughts into words. For now, she is keen on retaining her curiousity and keeping her nose in a book.

Eric RumbleVolunteer // Contributor // On-call brain pickee (Kitchener, ON)


Eric edits and curates too many things, and sometimes he puts words into neat little piles. He ate the rest of his bio — it wasn’t as juicy as he’d hoped.

Erin McDonaldFormer: Music Videos Editor // Cyborg (Halifax, NS)

I am part edityng robot. Perfect for your everyday music edityng needs.

Erin FlynnContributor // Jill of no trades (Ottawa, ON)

Playback on the Radio

Erin is totally in to helping out.

Evan MatthewsVolunteer // Amplifier Appendage (Halifax, NS)

Killer Haze Records

Killer Haze Records co-founder. Mixed up in a minimum of a half-dozen projects at a time.

Evelyn MalinowskiVolunteer // Writer // Contributor // Artist // Experimental Housewife (Missoula, Montana (USA))


E.M. is based in both Berlin and Montana. She has a Master’s degree in Cultural Studies, and enjoys incorporating literary theory, sound studies, mythology into her work. She is a DJ of more than fifteen years, an ironic producer, a drummer, a member of folk-electronica band Man meets Bear, and a regular contributor to Berlin-based music blog No Fear of Pop. E.M. has been reviewing music and helping pry open more discussion on gender in electronic music culture for over a year now. She is an active music listening advocate.

flora hammondillustrator // translator // grief bacon (montreal, QC)


flora grew up in france but became a full human in canada. she currently lives, studies fine arts and does stick n pokes tattoos in montreal. she identifies with the idea of radical softness.

Gabe GirardFormer: Music Editor (Toronto, ON)

Gabe Hails from Halifax Nova Scotia where he developed his eclectic taste for everything and anything involving rhythm, pitch and/or noise. He continues his experiments in Toronto where he performs with a variety of folk, rock and jazz groups. A live music barfly, you can find him hunched over a pint at most any club where weirdoes get booked. Gabe does what he can for Weird Canada, supporting and creating experimental music unconditionally.

Gabriel JasminContributor // Translator (Montréal, QC)

Gabriel Jasmin

Gabriel Jasmin lives in Montréal. He is a visual artist, freelance graphic designer, musician of different shapes working on various projects and a culture enthusiast. Addictions include (but not limited to): bagels, records and tapes, facebook, mom’s home-made soup, Twin Peaks, procrastination and strong black coffee.

Griffin MartellWriter // Deconstructionist (London, ON)


Philosophy major with an all-consuming appetite for the extreme ends of the musical spectrum.

Hailey Celesse McCarthyContributor // Shitty Princess (Montreal, QC)

HC is a writer, musician and hopeless romantic who lives on the East Coast. She enjoys extreme weather, extreme people and, extreme spirits. She splits her time and parses. She’s trying to break the habit of typing with only the middle finger on her right hand. She loves her plants.

Holloway JonesContributor (Toronto, ON)


Pacing up and down the aisles, looking for hot dads to start noise bands with at your local Costco.

Hugo HyartTranslator // Padikwol (Pornic, France)

Je Suis un Deontologue

Hugo is not Canadian and have infiltrated this organisation for obscure purposes, obviously he must go to Canada some time. He likes perfect ricochet pebbles and dislikes when people leave their garbage behind.

Jacinthe LaplanteTranslator (Montréal, QC)


Trained as a historian, Jacinthe works as a reviser while completing her graduate studies in translation. In her free time, she satisfies her curiosity with work on challenging projects like Weird Canada.

Jackson ReedContributor (Sault Ste. Marie, ON)


Jackson Reed does fun things in Sault Ste. Marie. He organizes folk/indie rock shows, plays in bands, and promotes local artists through his Sault-focussed culture blog, EARS AND EYES.

Jake BornheimerWriter // Sleepy Bodhisattva (Ottawa, ON)


Peeking out from endless basement windows, Jake Bornheimer writes music as Herons Wake. When that isn’t happening, he writes poetry, schleps together the occasional Refresh Yr Mind zine, paints (very badly), and drinks a lot of tea. You can find him in the wild lying flat on his face in the middle of the room.

James LindsayContributor (Toronto, ON)

Pleasence Records

James Lindsay is a poet, music writer, bookseller and co owner of Pleasence Records. He lives in Toronto with his partner and dog.

James GoddardContributor // Philosopher Queen (Montréal, QC)

His interest in independent music has taken the form of a house venue, a research project on touring and social networks, and the occasional DJ set. Otherwise James spends his time contemplating a more egalitarian future and worrying about recession-era employment opportunities.

Jared MajeskiContributor // Workin’ Man (Edmonton, AB)

Words, Music, Other

Born in Fort Saskatchewan, AB, Jared has been contributing (mostly) Edmontonian missives to Weird Canada since 2011. An actual Edmontonian for some time now, he makes a living writin’ about and researchin’ Alberta’s history and heritage. He plays drums in heavy psych band Krang and twangs and croons for good-time rock quartet Bonspiel. Dislikes include the series comma. His favourite baseball player is still Kelly Gruber.

Jason RuleVolunteer // Cat Enthusiast (New York, NY)

Mandarinen Träume

Born in Toronto, now based in New York via stints in Oakville, Hamilton, Leeds, and Montréal. Ex-music director at 93.3 CFMU, present day freelancer / translator / DJ + radio host / sometime actor / language student / noted tea drinker / maker of live-coded music. EVERYDAY I’M CONJUGATIN’.

Javier FuentesFormer: Far Shores Editor // Curator (New Canadiana) (Waterloo, ON)

Javier is a secret.

Jenn KitagawaVolunteer (Toronto, ON)

Jenn Kitagawa

Jenn Kitagawa is a graphic designer and artist living and working out of Toronto. Her work explores the simplicity and intricacy of the relationship between shape, colour and type using both digital and traditional mediums.

Jenni RobertsContributor (Edmonton, AB)

Old Ugly Recording Co.

Jenni is a music student that doesn’t let academics get in the way of her education. In her spare time she enjoys digging through the folk/trance musics of her heritage and playing in a variety of musical weirdness with Renny Wilson, Calvin Love, Ghibli, and Caity Fisher. Past projects include Illfit Outfit and DB Buxton Revue. Other interests: gardening, gender, bikes, eats, and spamming the Weird Canada facebook page.

Jenya DoudarevaFormer: Weird Stage Editor // Contributor // Platypus (Toronto, ON)

w: Jenny’s Wormhole

One day Jenya felt that Weird Canada would benefit from a little drama and went on to mastermind the performance arts reviews, while remaining a loyal contributor to all things music and literature. She will never pick a favourite. A bit off topic, but Jenya is also applying math and general nerdiness to problems in Canadian healthcare. She is a bookworm, lover of guitars, and potentially, a platypus. She will neither confirm nor deny that claim. Finally, Jenya writes short fiction and poetry, and strums without a pick. Sometimes.

Jess BillingsVolunteer // Eternal Sulk (Kitchener-Waterloo, ON)


Jesse LockeFormer: Music Editor // Mass Emailer (Toronto, ON)


On top of his daily activities at Weird Canada, Jesse writes about music and movies for AUX, Offerings, Fast Forward Weekly and his pet project Texture Magazine. He occasionally releases cassettes through the label Planet of the Tapes, and has played drums for bands like the Ketamines, Dirty Beaches, Feel Alright, Silver Dapple and too many more to list. He lives in Toronto with his wife and a pair of cats named Pizza and Crumbs.

Jessica GrenierVolunteer // Translator (Ange-Gardien, Quebec (maybe it’s me, but I don’t see it in the list))

Urban/rural human being that loves marshmallows. Especially colored ones.

Jibril YassinVolunteer (Edmonton, AB)


Jibril Yassin does things. These things include going to university, putting together shows, playing in punk bands and writing about music. He very much likes doing these things and hopes to continue to do more of it in the future.

Jim CumingEditor // Proofreader (Edmonton, ON)

Offhand Reviews

Jim’s around.

Jim GintherVolunteer/Artist // Brother of the Nod (Saskatoon)

Shooting Guns

Band manager/vinyl broker/publicity/artist/music consultant. Have been losing my hearing playing drums with Shooting Guns since 2008. Helping friends press vinyl at Feedback Vinyl Pressing since 2011.

Joe ModzelewskiContributor // Hopeful Gardener (Oakville, ON)


Joe Modzelewski likes to learn about everything and anything. May convince you through geological evidence that Atlantis did exist with the help of Plato.

Joel FrenchContributor (Toronto, ON)


Joel lives in Toronto

John McNeillFormer: Volunteer Accountant Nyrd (Victoria, BC)


Accountant with Grant Thornton and music lover.
Happy to give back to the (Canadian) music community in my own small way.

Joni SadlerContributor // Writer (Montréal, QC)


Joni Sadler is the music department coordinator at CKUT in Montréal, Quebec. She holds an MA in Communications focusing on Canadian experimental music and localized music industries. Over the past decade she has worked in a record store, helped coordinate festivals, curated a digital music archive, and done freelance publicity. She currently organizes shows as part of Montréal promotion collective Loose-Fit and plays drums in Public Transit, Lungbutter, and Harsh Reality.

Joseph Stephenson-TaylorContributor (Montréal, QC)


Josh BoguskiContributor (Montréal, QC)

Egg Paper Factory

Leaning on the meantime.

Josh RohsContributor // Basilisk-in-training (Saskatoon, SK)

Josh spends his days creeping ever closer to his B.Sc in electrical engineering. He plays in a hundred bands but none of them have names. When he isn’t doing maths or making noises, he makes electrical doodads in his top secret basement laboratory.He used to own two holographic Charizards.

Joshua CwintaiContributor // Servant of Sound (Toronto, ON)

Joshua is an aspiring producer and a current recording studio intern. He also has an experimental music project called Tired Wires which he works on in lieu of sleep.

Julie ForgetTranslator (Montréal, QC)

Julie Forget lives in Montréal. She received a Bachelor specialized in translation and a major in Spanish at Concordia. Her passion for arts and for words reveals itself on Weird Canada.

Julie MayerTranslator // Omnivorous melomaniac (Montreal, QC)

Julie est une cruciverbiste en herbe qui aime regarder une panoplie de séries télé, lire et écouter de la musique dans son temps libre. Son ouverture d’esprit permet à son goût musical de couvrir un large spectre auditif allant de la musique classique à la musique de jeu vidéo.

Julie ReichArtist and Contributer // Dreambroker (Toronto, ON)


Bile Sister, DJ Garbage Body, Dohn Valley. Musician, Artist, Curator of tapes, events, and love.

Justine GabiasTranslator // Traductrice (Vancouver, BC)

Justine Gabias

Justine grew up in the comfortable cotton of Québec in the 80’s and now lives in Vancouver, BC. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts and shares her time between her desk at Emily Carr University, her bed, and the beautiful BC outdoors.

Kate FaneContributor (Toronto, ON)

Kelley MacNeilContributor // Other Stuff (Wolfville, NS)


Kelly writes words and noise. Sometimes together, sometimes apart.

Kevin HaineyContributor (Toronto, ON)


Hi, I’m Kevin Hainey. Writer, filmmaker, musician, visual artist… Currently living in Toronto, where I run the Inyrdisk private press label, write fine literature and generally hope for the best. Proud former member of Disguises, The Pink Noise, and Cave Dudes. I have regarded music at length for such publications as eye Weekly, Exclaim!, Skyscraper, blogTO, and Offerings.

Kevin StrangContributor // Volunteer (Winnipeg, MB)


Kevin Strang lives in Winnipeg and spends his time playing drums in Pop Crimes and running Bonzer Records. During the day he is a support worker for young adults with intellectual disabilities. Kevin has an English degree from the University of Winnipeg.

Kevin PavezkaVolunteer // Chupacabra (Ottawa, ON)

Destroy Clocks

Kevin has been active in the Ottawa underground music scene for over a decade. He currently plays in Destroy Clocks and puts on shows and records demos under Local Motive.

Kevin BrasierFormer: Wyrd Distro Coordinator // Resident Crowdsurfer (Toronto, ON)

Killer Haze Records

Kevin Brasier is the co-founder of Sackville, NB’s Killer Haze Records. You can find him in Toronto and Waterloo, waxing poetic about SappyFest, and asking how he can help you.

Kevin GaudetContributor // Seriousness (Edmonton, AB)

Kevin has always had a little weird streak in him and is honored to be a part of the giant amoebic culture celebration that is Weird Canada. He plays drums in a couple bands and can often be found doing yoga in strange places. He lives in Edmonton, with other Edmontonians.

Kevin GodboutVolunteer // Freelance Translator (Stratford, ON)

Kevin Godbout is a PhD Candidate at the University of Western Ontario in London, Ontario. He lives with his partner (Chantal) and three cats (Grr, Flora and Wilson) in Stratford. He works in Guelph (Broadview Press). He’s francophone Acadien and pines for the east coast of Canada. He translates to engage with his particular colonial fixations, to wrestle with his forebears.

Kim GlennieWriter // Contributor // Math Debater (Vancouver, BC)


Kim Glennie is a bi-coastal multi-instrumentalist currently based in Vancouver who also calls Montreal home. A self-taught guitarist and classical pianist, she currently plays guitar, looper and occasionally Moog in the art-rock two-piece Mi’ens. Previous bands include Reverter (Vancouver/SF) and Starbean (Montreal). She writes for several other music blogs including Northern Transmissions, the UK math rock blog Fecking Bahamas and co-curates events for White Light Shows. Her writing has appeared in Terminal City, The Nerve, The Montreal Mirror, Voir, Vice Magazine. She plans on co-hosting a radio show called Math Debate someday soon.

Kimberly EdgarWriter // The Lord Vizier of Itchy Palms (Dawson City, YT)


Kimberly crawled out of an Ottawa art school, battered and bruised, in the spring of 2013. Currently residing in Dawson, her bio may take more than 2 drinks to explain, please contact if interested.

Kyle ValadeContributor // 1337 syntax errorz (Vancouver, BC)


Vancouver by way of Montréal by way of Detroit, Kyle Valade is not to be trusted.

Laura StanleyContributor (Toronto, ON)

Laura Stanley

Laura is a writer of things, listener of music, reader of books, and haver of emotions when it comes to fictional characters.

Lauren RabindranathWriter (Toronto, ON)


Lauren is obsessed with live music, design, and writing. She has studied Communications and Digital Media and is now learning to trust the process and enjoy the ride.

Liam KennedyFormer: Nywsletter Co-Editor // Contributor (Ottawa, ON)

Kid-Scissor Hybrid

Liam grew up in Eastern Ontario’s heartland and now lives in Ottawa. He is an aspiring writer and historical researcher who works in libraries, museums, and archives.. This one time he was in a stoner/black metal band. He likes the stuff you like with a few notable exceptions. His favourite movie is probably, embarrassingly, Quest for Fire (1981). You can see some of his words if you subscribe to the Weird Canada Nywsletter.

Louis-Félix Pellerin de ChevignyTranslator // Wizard of Words (Ottawa, ON)

This frenchie has, thanks to being a 90s indoors kid and spending way too much time on the internet, transcended the language barrier and has now become a freaky hybrid; a Franglophone.

Louise ReimerIllustrator (Vancouver, BC)

w: tobinlouisereimer.com

Louise Reimer is an illustrator and artist living in Montréal, QC. Her recent work is influenced by time spent in the Yukon, as well as Greek mythology, woven textiles, and weird flora. She graduated from Emily Carr University with a BFA in 2012.

Lyndsey K. BrowneContributor (New York, NY)

LKB began formal education in Sackville New Brunswick mostly at George’s Roadhouse and/or The Ralph Pickard Bell Library. Between stints in Montréal she has since carpet bagged/corduroy satcheled all over the country using all the old terms of phrase and coining new ones at the drop of a hat. Maintains an excellent hat collection and fairly shoddy Tumblr.

Magnus TiesenhausenFormer: Departures Revisited Assistant Editor // Anti-oppression hatchling (Halifax, NS)

Vibrational Aesthetics

Halifax-based minimal techno/new age super nerd Magnus T. is interested in making Canada a safer space, understanding his own privilege better, and combating oppression particularly within the zone of cultural production. One half of Halifax electronic duo Organ Magic, and two halves of Vibrational Aesthetics, he can usually be found painting his nails, listening to Lewis’ 1983 soft-reigning album “L’Amour”.

Marcin LasinskiFormer:Far Shores Assistant Editor // Contributor (Vacouver, BC)

Marcin maintains a tenuous grip on reality in Vancouver’s mediascape. When he isn’t dragging the bloated carcass of a BA in Communications & Publishing through the wasteland sands of SFU’s Neverending Undergraduate Degree, he is a screenprinter, graphic designer, and programmer at CFRO and CiTR.

Marie-Pier ChevrierTranslator // Hopefully Not The Wisest Person In The Room (Montreal, QC)

Originaire des Îles-de-la-Madeleine, d’une famille d’insomniaques-raconteurs d’histoires à ne plus dormir du tout. Si grandir est inévitable, aimerait devenir espionne, artiste de cirque, accordéoniste et/ou chasseuse de trésors. Grande diseuse de palabres en constante recherche d’un bon deal sur un voilier. Traductrice, parce que wooooooo des mots! // Born on Magdalen Islands from a family of insomniac story tellers. If growing up has to happen, would like to be a spy, a circus artist, an accordeonist and/or a treasure hunter. Really really wants to live on a sailboat. Meanwhile, traveling the world and playing with words. Translator because of reasons.

Mark StreeterContributor // Contributor (Montréal, QC)

Mark is a music enthusiast.

Mark GillisVolunteer // Writer // Basement Dweller (Kitchener, ON)


Aside from spending too much time in his basement apartment watching too much hockey and drinking too much beer, Mark sometimes gains the courage to go outside to his mailbox to gather up all the records and tapes that he ordered in the previous week.

Mark Anthony BrennanWriter // Mr. Know-it-all (Victoria, BC)


Respectful of all, but irreverent as hell. The ultimate seeker of new perception. Unfortunately, all of the things he loves to do (mainly write) fail to make $, so he works as Stephen Harper’s chauffeur to pay the bills (please don’t tell his mother).

Mathieu BédardTranslator (Montréal, QC)

Useful maps/Vintage internet jokes

Mathieu spends most of his time preferring not to. One would define him as an amnesic monk who’s very pious but forgot which faith he is representing? He made a poem-flavored jello in 2008.

Matt PayneVolunteer // Sparkling Grumbot (Guelph, ON)

My Website

Matt is a writer, programmer, electronic music composer, and nomadic art-geek from the east coast.

Matthew BlenkarnFormer: Nywsletter Co-Editor // Duke of Burgundy (Paris, Texas)

Matthew tried to punch the ground when he was five and broke his wrist. Nowadays, he uses his hands more constructively by curating the Weird Canada newsletter and writing about music, film and manufacturing on a freelance basis.

Matthew LazenbyContributor (Montréal, QC)


Matthew Lazenby is an English expat musician and writer living in Montréal, Quebec.

matthew swannWriter // catttswann (calgary, AB)

Astral Swans

Matthew Swann recently had a nightmare that he turned into a bucket of straw. He had another in which he saw the universe as constructed of tiny, conscious, malevolent, atoms. The first was dissociated, and impersonal. The second was paranoid. Both were highly distressing. Matthew Swann plays experimental folk music under the name, astral swans. He lives in Calgary, Alberta with a talking horse, constructed from malevolent atoms that eats straw. Sometimes he writes.

Matty JeronimoContributor (Vancouver, BC)


Matty writes about music for Weird Canada and plays in every local band he can get his hands on.

Max CotterFormer: Podcast Producer // Contributor (Toronto, ON)


Max teaches, researches, facilitates, studies, produces, and engineers audio. He likes to make things.

Max MohenuWriter // Volunteer (Toronto, ON)


Max Mohenu is a volunteer at Weird Canada. When he’s not keeping things weird on the site, he’s a music publicist, writer, media consultant, and lover of blueberry jam, collecting records and dad jeans.

Megan ArnoldVolunteer // Half-Asleep (London, ON)


Studies visual arts at Western University. Volunteers at 94.9 CHRW. Assembles automobiles. Draws intensely personal cartoons. Tastes like matcha latte.

Melody McKiverVolunteer (Anishinaabe Aki, ON)


Melody McKiver is an Anishinaabe musician, interdisciplinary media artist, and writer based in Ottawa. They spent a long time studying music in university, resulting in degrees devoted to weird-noise-making and decolonizing the shit out of everything.

Michael DeaneContributor (Guelph, ON)


Michael lives and works in Guelph, Ontario, helps out with Kazoo Fest, co-runs Psychic Handshake with his long time sweet pal, and plays in Start Something with his long time sweet pals.

Mike HowardVolunteer (Montréal, QC)


Musician, Sorcerer, PR Planet. Really into River Phoenix, Music, and all things related to Gregg Araki. Really.

Mike RoyWriter, Former: Social Media Coordinator // Secret Admirer (Sackville, NB)


Mike is a current undergrad student at Mount Allison University studying English Literature and American Studies. In his spare time, he helps coordinate the Stereophonic Music Festival for CHMA 106.9FM, interns with SappyFest and can frequently be found napping around Sackville. If found in a slumbering state, please approach with caution and do not poke with sticks.

Mike VerdoneDeveloper // Bon Vivant (Berlin, Germany)


Ex-Montréaler, Torontonian, and (more recently) Calgarian. Representing the Canadian music scene as best as can be internationally. Also a maker of experimental cosmic synth music as Arcseconds

Mikołaj GajewskiFront-End Web Dev Volunteer (Toronto, ON)

Heavy metal web developer sensualist.

Mitch Jackson Volunteer // Chief Hermit (Ottawa, ON)

National Hum on CKCU

Student/j-school dropout at Carleton University. Host of Weirdesque radio show National Hum on CKCU. Guitarist in not so Weirdesque hardcore band Crack Mansions.

Mylene QuevillonVolunteer // Translator (Val-David, QC)

En vrac et en désordre : Mylene likes to climb. Elle aime lire. She likes to think. Elle aime rêver. And she likes to translate.

Natalie BindaFormer: Assistant Imprint Editor (Gatineau, QC)

Natalie is a student at the University of Sherbrooke, doing a degree in Communication, writing and multimedia while finishing her certificate in Translation. She has been an avid music lover her whole life and plans on integrating her passion for it into her future job.

Nick SmithContributor (Moncton, NB)

Port Vanderlay

Nick is a musician and runs Port Vanderlay out of Montréal and Moncton.

Nick SchofieldEphemera Contributor (Montréal, QC)


Nick Schofield is a Montréal based musician with a BFA in Electroacoustics and Music Technology from Concordia University. He works as a music journalist with CKUT, Cult MTL, Northern Transmissions, Drums Etc and has performed at SXSW, Pop Montréal and CMW.

Nicolas CoutléeContributor // Translator // Combat Cyclist (Montréal, QC)


Driven by a constant pursuit of pathological productivity and a rare fondness for Québecois swear words, Nicolas is only satisfied with his translations when it reaches that include at least one word ending in “oune.” He writes things and stuff, but his biggest dream is to score a spin-o-rama goal in his street hockey league.

Nivedita IyerContributor (Calgary, AB)

Only slightly superstitious.

Noah ShermanVolunteer // HTTP ERROR 301 AHHH! (Toronto, ON)


Noah plays drums and percussion around the city in various bands of varying styles, predominantly jazz and free improv. He once ran a podcast called Hits & Gigs, focusing on music in the city of Toronto. Currently splits his time playing, teaching, writing about music & baseball, and buying throw pillows. He has too many throw pillows.

Paisley V. SimContributor (Calgary, AB)

Sled Island

Based in Calgary, Alberta, Paisley is a producer and grant writer. She started sending postcards to Murder Records in 1996, and finally got one back from Chris Murphy in 1998.

Paloma DawkinsArtist // Cartoon Sciences (Montréal, QC)

Palo’s webscape

I’ve traversed all cyberscapes since Y2K in search of meaning and hope, and I’ve been greeted by the most outrageous expressions of life from all vertices of this vast universe. I make animations, games and cartoons from MTL, foreverrrrrr……

Paul BogdanContributor (Regina, SK)


Paul lives in Regina, Saskatchewan. He plays music sometimes but complains about how cold the prairies are more.

Penny ClarkFormer: How-To Editor // Overlord (Vancouver, BC)


Penny Clark enjoys paperwork, swimming in lakes, and orchestrating universal mind-melds. She has a BA in Political Philosophy, and Nardwuar the Human Serviette has said that she has her Master’s in CiTR 101.9 FM. Currently, she plays the guitar in a band and works as the Friends of Community Radio Coordinator at NCRA/ANREC.

Preacher KatieContributor // Unicorn Trainer (Nanaimo, BC)


Preacher Katie organizes music, theatre and art events for Crace△Mountain. In addition she hosts a radio show on CHLY 101.7FM Nanaimo, which showcases obscure and local talents.

Rachel BelloneVolunteer // thought reflector (Toronto, ON)

Born and raised in London Ontario, Rachel grew up in a music store and eventually picked up a guitar. Since moving to Toronto to attend Ryerson, she has hosted radio shows, made short films and is generally interested in audio-visual narrative production. She wants to make you laugh. She is laughing right now.

Randee KeiverContributor (Calgary, AB)


Randee Keiver currently lives in Calgary, but has lots of roots in Victoria. She is an artist and writer with an interest in Canadiana, strange realms, and weird creatures.

Robert OndzikArtist // Line Summoner (Vancouver, BC)


A 30 year old magic ape who performs ritualistic image creation on the shores of the pacific.

Robert AndrewsWriter (Toronto, ON)

Bobby is Toronto-based weirdo, making music between periods of insomnia.

Robin JenkinsContributor (Toronto, ON)


Robin Jenkins is currently biding his time in Toronto. When he isn’t researching new Canadian arts he is researching solutions to problems in semantics and epistemology.

Sam AllenContributor (London, ON)


Sam believes it is important to support local arts, culture, and music. He plays guitar and sings in the band Run Coyote.

Sarafina Bortolon-VettorWriter // Lover (Guelph, ON)


I write. I perform in The Folk, Bonnie Trash, Lynden Snakes and Natural Thirst.

Selina KoopContributor (Vancouver, BC)


Selina currently breathes in Vancouver where she teaches piano and plays in bands. Farm girl turned music enthusiast, she spends her time equally in the garden, and promoting and playing music in Vancouver.

Shane Keyu SongVolunteer // Ilustrator (Toronto, ON)


Shane is from China. She does illustrations and video game design for fun and for living.

Shawna NaklickiContributor // Volunteer (Elliot Lake, ON)

Sound Vat

Shawna is a young grasshopper from a Northern Ontario retirement town. Her time is occupied with learning, working multiple part-time jobs, attempting to master the art of playing the pipe organ, and enthusing about Canadian music. She enjoys pointless trivia, colourful vinyl, shag carpet, truth, and those tiny powdered donuts.

Simon FrankContributor (New York, NY)

Hot and Cold

Simon is a graduate student. He lived in Toronto until recently, plays music in Hot and Cold, and can’t quite remember how many primers on ‘experimental music’ he’s written for student newspapers.f

Simon ProvencherWriter // Pop Music Lizard Extraordinaire (Québec, QC)

An enormous fan of rearranging magnetic tapes into noisy fairytales, Simon has a soft side for the dreamy, the odd and the whimsical.

Stefan ChristoffWriter // Contributor (Montreal, QC)


Stefan is a writer, community organizer and musician living in Montreal.

Stefana FratilaTraductrice // la chouchoute (Vancouver, BC)


Stefana Fratila was born in Sibiu, Romania and immigrated to Vancouver as a young girl. By day, she studies Political Science and works as a Court Interpreter. By night, she is an experimental artist. Sometimes between day and night, she plays Balinese gamelan with Gita Asmara underground the Nitobe Japanese gardens.

Stéphanie St-Jean AubreVolunteer (Hull, QC)

L’ensemble Vide

Talia JacobWriter // Tequila Bookworm (Hamilton & Toronto, ON)

Talia is a weirdo who studies economics at McMaster University. When Talia is not assuming herself to be a homo (or more appropriately, femina) economicus, she can usually be found flailing to the beat of one of her favourite records, spinning punk tunes at her campus radio station, or splayed out reading a novel.

Trevor BlumasContributor // Semiology Mystic (Toronto, ON)

Heretical Objects Cooperative

Things are as they are, and he is as he is.
After this life, he hopes to come back as a squirrel. (this is what he is thinking now, but at the end of his life, this desire may change.) Let the good times roll and roll as they do. Never stop the hustle and always pass go!

Trevor AngstContributor // Clutch striving teammember (Kitchener, ON)

Appreciates the significance of words for self expression. His thoughts are travelling a mile a minute. He is currently writing to practice harnessing the quickly dissipating ideas and thoughts of his racing mind, projecting them down for general archive and then figuring out what he truly has to say in the most succinct way possible. Studies maps on free will, takes pride in Canadian music that pushes the envelope. Enjoys discussion of electronics and sound. Holds a nursing license for Ontario and cont’d upgrading.

Tyler ButlerVolunteer (Edmonton, AB)


Tyler is a folk musician, writer, hockey player and ad man, making his way in the prairies.

Vincent RondeauTranslator (Montréal, QC)

Virginie LangloisTranslator // Proofreader (Toronto, ON)

Sadly, Virginie Langlois cannot play any instrument and only sings to her daughters but what she can do is use her passion for language and music to translate very esoteric stuff from Weird Canada very creative writers.

Walker MacDonaldVolunteer/Writer // Top Tier Weenie (Charlottetown, PE)


Walker has an underdeveloped third nipple, promotes and organizes shows in PEI, and works at Best Buy. Drink beer, beat up nerds, play fast.

Wanying ZhangVolunteer (Ottawa, ON)

Wanying Zhang grew up mostly in Canada and pursuing a Masters in Chemistry. She also enjoys many forms of art such as writing short stories, drawing, music and reading fantasy novels. She also enjoys translating between English and French.

Whitney OtaGraphic Design (With No Time) (Calgary, AB)


I love graphic design! I also love weird things!
…And I am the Music Director at CJSW 90.9 FM radio in Calgary as well as help run the Unit Structure Sound Recordings label and distro, which is based out of Calgary and Vancouver. I play music: Burro/Yankee Yankee/Dada Centauri are my main projects at the moment.

William AndersonContributor (Vancouver, BC)


Will lives exclusively, again, in Vancouver BC. He runs a goofy design company called Sandy Graphics, Inc and a serious mail-order label called Cruising USA.

Yacine BouzidWeb Analytics (Toronto, ON)

Yacine Profile

Born and raised in Annaba (Algeria), Yacine left his beautiful Mediterranean city for the pleasure to discover the world, his first destination was France after living in different cities for study and work, he took flight to Canada for improving his English and increase his international experience in web marketing. In addition to contributing in Weird Canada, Yacine spends his time after work at TKMT for his Muay Thai and Kick boxing training.

Yuko InouePhotographer (Ottawa, ON)


Yuko wants to take photos of you.

Zoë ChristmasVolunteer // Data Extractor (Montréal, QC)


Zoë was born in Hamilton, Ontario and now lives in Montréal, Québec. She enjoys disco music, jokes, and learning.

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