New Canadiana :: Sacha McKenna – Poor Boy


Caroline. His love for her was his love for life. Her death was the end of light. Remnants, fragments of her being, drift down gently around him like snow. Endlessly. Poor Boy speaks without rhyme, sings without tune. If Caroline could not survive this place, what chance do his words have?

Caroline. Son amour pour elle a été son amour pour la vie. Sa mort a été la fin de la lumière. Les restes, les fragments de son être, tombent doucement autour de lui comme de la neige. Sans fin. Poor Boy parle sans rimes et chante sans mélodie. Ses mots survivront-ils là où cela a été impossible pour Caroline?

Sacha McKenna – That Terrible Thing That Grew Inside of Caroline

Sacha McKenna – A Tower and Below A Beautiful Town

file under: british columbia, cassette, New Canadiana.

birthed: 2015-06-02

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