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Edmonton’s Tee-Tahs explode out of a bratty punk sweet spot somewhere between Electric Vomit, Fancy Rosy, and the Village People. Slacker vox, slurpee dregs, and pizza grease stunting. These randy rave-ups from the superstar trio of Caity Fisher, Jessica Jalbert and Jenni Roberts will flip wigs like skate witches. Catch ’em live if you can. Up the buzz!

Editor’s note: as part of our ongoing work towards being better allies and human beings, we have edited this piece to more accurately reflect the creative energies behind Tee-Tahs. The original, inaccurate post is below:

Edmonton’s Tee-Tahs hit the bratty fake-punk sweet spot somewhere between Fancy Rosy, the Electric Vomit and the Village People. These randy rave-ups should come as no surprise with the involvement of original prankster Renny Wilson, whose solo explosion is one of 2014’s best surprises, but his influence is clearly rubbing off the right / wrong way on the formerly sweet Jessica Jalbert. Then again, maybe skate witches Jenni Roberts and Caity Fisher were to blame all along. Up the buzz!

Les Tee-Tahs, d’Edmonton, ont trouvé la zone idéale de punk impétueux, quelque part entre Electric Vomit, Fancy Rosy et les Village People. Cascades de pizza graisseuse, restes de slurpee et voix nonchalante en prime. Les fêtards libidineux du trio de superstars — Caity Fisher, Jessica Jalbert et Jenni Roberts — vont battre des ailes comme des sorcières du skate. À voir live si vous en avez la chance, et sinon, montez le son!

Note de la rédaction: Guidés par notre quête constante visant à devenir de meilleurs alliés et de meilleurs êtres humains, nous avons modifié cet article afin de mieux refléter l’énergie créative derrière l’œuvre de Tee-Tahs. Le texte original (et imprécis) est ci-dessous:

Les Tee-Tahs, d’Edmonton, ont trouvé le point idéal du fake-punk gâté, quelque part entre Fancy Rosy, Electric Vomit et Village People. Ces fêtards libidineux ne devraient surprendre personne vu l’implication de Renny Wilson – dont l’explosion solo est une des meilleures surprises de l’année – et l’influence du véritable vaurien déteint clairement sur Jessica Jalbert, qui en perd mal/heureusement sa douceur. Mais encore là, peut-être que c’est la faute des sorcières du skate, Jenni Roberts et Caity Fisher. Montez le son!

Tee-Tahs – Fun Forever

Tee-Tahs – Rat Babe

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6 thoughts on “New Canadiana :: Tee-Tahs – Buzzkill

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  2. why the focus on renny wilson? he’s not even in the band. tee tahs rule because they are rad and make good music. and they are the only ones that should be credited for that.

  3. Everyone knows Rene is a good boy. He put out soft disco before this so maybe we should credit his punk work to the rad women around him?

    Or maybe they are all capable musicians with their own diverse tastes.

  4. The focus on people’s level of sweetness seems patronizing to me.

    Here are the lyrics to Necromancy, the first song on “formally sweet” Jessica Jalbert’s self titled album:

    “With less than a year to go, graveyards are popping up everywhere – smell the bodies in the air. And the innocent make up for years of lost tears and wasted fears, and I am one of them, making haste, remaining chaste in Potter’s Field. Are you sleeping?”

    I’ve never smelt a rotting human body, but maybe that was what the ‘sweetness’ bit was all about?

  5. Anyone who’s seen Tee Tahs play know that they ruled before, during, and after Rene played with them. They rule because Jessica, Caity and Jenni are great at making songs. It’s as simple as that. Thanks to WC for owning up on this.

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