New Canadiana :: Special Costello – Music and Image

Special Costello - Music and Image

Special Costello’s Music and Image radiates equally as urban soliloquy and meditative monk on the seashore. The dusky and expansive title track wanders the borders between pavement, ocean and sky. In this aural hinterland, Jeremy Costello’s cavernous vocals float in a tidal, yet harmonious ebb and flow against guitars straight outta Dead Man. B-sides “Scorpheus” and “Chlorinated Lung” wrest the scaffold of Side A into a hypno-pop structure synthesizing the minimal and maximal, captured in solo rhythm. Delicacy is in the details.

Le EP Music and Image de Special Costello sonne tout autant comme un monologue urbain qu’un moine méditatif au bord de la mer. La chanson-titre, sombre et débordante, parcourt les frontières entre le pavé, l’océan et le ciel. Dans cet arrière-pays sonore, la voix caverneuse de Jeremy Costello flotte telle une marée, un va-et-vient harmonieux sur fond de guitares tirées directement de Dead Man. Les mélodies « Scorpheus » et « Chlorinated Lung » de la face B transforment l’échafaudage de la face A en une structure hypno-pop synthétisant le minimal et le maximal en un seul et unique rythme. La délicatesse réside dans les détails.

Special Costello – Music and Image

Special Costello – Scorpheus

file under: cassette, New Canadiana, nova scotia.

birthed: 2013-04-09

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  1. End of December for our Hot Dog Top 25… “Somebody at Weird Canada, my partner Pammy included, needs to pen this one to the pages. There were very few recordings in 2012 that stood out with as much powerful emotion as this 20 minute Special Costello release. Opening a business of any kind is a struggle, I gotta think ‘niche business’ is a step worse, and over this past year when there’s been a tear in my beer, other than Hank (and Women’s ‘Public Strain’), there’s very little that comforts better than this joyous tearjerker. This 3 song Craft Single makes me love the world in the darkest hours. Maybe it’ll help get you thru the day too! Obviously I strongly suggest you make it part of your routine.”

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