New Canadiana :: Aaron Lumley // The Knot – Split Tape

Aaron Lumley The Knot

This cleverly packaged cassette brings together three talented players who manage to strangle their bowed strings into toothy snarls. Aaron Lumley (recorded by Toronto’s favorite space cowboy, Matt “Doc” Dunn) offers a wondering, plucky soliloquy as spoken by a contemplative bull fiddle: improvised grime and a bass philosophy with a fuzzy nod to the past. Meanwhile, The Knot (Nick Storring and Tilman Lewis) sound like two Socratic cellos barely keeping their cool as they argue about proper preparation, reveling in how their roars resonate in the hollow of their urban cave.

[audio:|titles=The Knot – Penumbra I] The Knot – Penumbra I
[audio:|titles=Aaron Lumley (exerpt)] Aaron Lumley (excerpt)

file under: cassette, New Canadiana, ontario, quebec.

birthed: 2012-11-13

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