New Canadiana :: WTCHS – Wet Weapons EP

WTCHS - Wet Weapons
Strange sounds upon strangewinds emerge from a newly born Steeltown oasis. The strangled snare of gnarled guitars harken upon the nethersteps of Haligonia, but it’s the hooded nihilism of WTCHS’ droning vocals that yield unlimited satisfaction. Hope comes in a multitude of flavour. Hand-stamped package complete with 6-minute tape-only drone-out. Grip sicc widdit.

[audio:|titles=WTCHS – Adult Crimes] WTCHS – Adult Crimes
[audio:|titles=WTCHS – I’ve got a woman, she’s got Barbara Christand.] WTCHS – I’ve Got A Woman, She’s Got Barbara Christand.

file under: cassette, New Canadiana, ontario.

birthed: 2012-10-18

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