New Canadiana :: Various Artists – Rat King II

Various Artists - Rat King II
Aliens ruled. So did Terminator 2: Judgment Day. Heck, even D2: The Mighty Ducks proved that a sequel can surpass its predecessor. And while the first Rat King was great, Rat King II totally kills it. With twice the variety of bands than the last comp, déjà vu only intensifies while strolling down Bubblegum Grunge Lane, staring at the mirror until River Phoenix finally appears. Grippage times two to the power of two.

[audio:|titles=Best Fiends – Rock My Roll] Best Fiends – Rock My Roll
[audio:|titles=The Moni Jitchells – Candy-Coloured Clown] The Moni Jitchells – Candy-Coloured Clown

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birthed: 2012-10-24

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