New Canadiana :: Slim Twig – Sof’ Sike

Slim Twig - Sof Sike
This slab of weirdo basement dwelling pomp-pop-prog appears outta nowhere (for me, anyway). The Zombies trading pants with Freddie Mercury in a changing room, ol’ Slim and company hit their stride on the latest in a long line of releases (with plenty more to come). There’s some Iggy boogie here as well, most obviously on “Priscilla”, a song torn from the same sonic shirt as The Idiot, and all the better for it. “Madeline Has A Body” is a warning or a celebration of a lady who will sit you down and voodoo your ass. It’s an organ driven shifting-between-moonbeams winner. I’m hearing a lot of angles, like Boces-era Mercury Rev sharing a sleeping bag with Todd Rundgren. Sparks? Hell yeah! The record Meat Loaf should’ve made after Bat Out Of Hell? Sure. Have a whiskey and slap some backs, Slim, you’ve earned it!

[audio:|titles=Slim Twig – Madeline Has A Body] Slim Twig – Madeline Has A Body
[audio:|titles=Slim Twig – Still The Same] Slim Twig – Still The Same

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birthed: 2012-10-16

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