New Canadiana :: Fletcher Pratt – Dub Sessions Vol. 2

Fletcher Pratt - Dub Sessions Vol. 2
Eschewing the murk and screwed stylings of his previous offering, Winnipeg’s Fletcher Pratt spitshines a wonderful sheen on his second volume of excursions into inner space. “Huge Dub” starts the journey in a mid-80s Mad Professor style, were he scoring a John Carpenter flick about the Miami cocaine wars. Digi-warmth for miles on this tape, all wrapped up with Mr. Pratt’s tightest arrangements to date. A stalking urban vibe staggers through quite a few of these tracks, broken up beautifully by the beatific piano stabs of side two’s “Sunny Dub”, a real dolphin watcher if there ever was one. “Odd Dub”’s warped keyboard textures and sub-bass wonk along heat-stricken before the alone-in-an-airport “Outro” drops you off at the side of the road, stranded and searching for your car keys. All you can find in your pockets is some dusted roaches and a strange phone number written on a Burger King receipt. Time to go home and sleep it off, brother.

[audio:|titles=Fletcher Pratt – Fire Dub] Fletcher Pratt – Fire Dub
[audio:|titles=Fletcher Pratt – Huge Dub] Fletcher Pratt – Huge Dub

file under: cassette, manitoba, New Canadiana.

birthed: 2012-10-22

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