New Canadiana :: Fleshtone Aura – On Rusticated Slant

Fleshtone Aura - On Rusticated Slant
Remembering the often forgotten playfulness of early Musique Concrete, Fleshtone Aura liberates his sounds from the Dementor-like wraith of musical academia / boredom, as sounds of scrapes and buzzes jocularly rub shoulders with old soundtrack splinters and various cheeky ejaculations. On Rusticated Slant presents the blurred landscape of a clever but potentially unhinged mind, as viewed through the window of a high-speed train. Fragments of ideas speed by relentlessly, erupting and retreating with some unknown and disturbingly consistent self-contained logic inside a damaged aural kaleidoscope. Many times one will be lured into the dense succession of microsound, only to have it explode like a novelty-gag can of snakes. This beguiling record is a meditation on damage, rewarding decompression through close listening.

[audio:|titles=Fleshtone Aura – Side 1 (excerpt)] Fleshtone Aura – Side 1 [excerpt]

file under: 12", New Canadiana, ontario.

birthed: 2012-10-09

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