Ex Libris :: Perfect Youth [Sam Sutherland]

Perfect Youth by Sam Sutherland

As a primer on first-wave Canadian scuzz, Sam Sutherland has set a new standard. Sure, there are scene-specific tomes that dig deeper — the author recommends Treat Me Like Dirt, Warm Beer & Wild Times, Argh Fuck Kill and a score of others — but for this coast-to-coast overview, he pogos in the style of Legs McNeil. From the Dishes to the Dishrags, “fuck bands” to the Squamish Five, no stone is left unturned. All the big dogs are covered (Pointed Sticks, Teenage Head, D.O.A., SNFU, Viletones, etc.) but overlooked rippers like Personality Crisis, The Robins and The Bureaucrats are the real epiphany. Some of these names have washed up on WC before, but Sutherland unearths a whole other purple ocean of hate in his first-person fan-boy fervour. Must grip.

The Electric Vomit

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