New Canadiana :: Grown-Ups – Spare Time

Grown-Ups - Spare Time
Been a minute since the Lords of Cowtown slipped out their latest bonzer, but that doesn’t make it stale bread. On their inaugural blast from the Cave, the bummer-punks tear through four ranters / crowd pleasers equal parts PPM and Fat Wreck. As always, the trio has its fair share of modern life gripes, but I don’t think they truly believe the doom ‘n’ gloom of their lyrics when they seem like they’re having this much fun. Black vinyl, large hole and bonus points for the squeegee kid Pettibon sleeve.

[audio:|titles=Grown Ups – It Gets Worse] Grown-Ups – It Gets Worse
[audio:|titles=Grown-Ups – Spare Time] Grown-Ups – Spare Time

file under: 7", alberta, New Canadiana.

birthed: 2012-09-05

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