New Canadiana :: Zacht Automaat – Bags Inside Bags

Zach Automaat - Bags Inside Bags
The depth of Zacht Automaat’s bag of tricks seemingly knows no bounds, as evidenced by this lysergic whirligig of a double cassette. The Toronto-via-Hamilton-via-The Spaceways duo bent minds with their inaugural 2010-11 onslaught (seven original albums and a Beatles cover record) and have now drifted back into the cosmic consciousness with another hour-plus of mood-altering bubblegum. For Bags Inside Bags, the O.G. pairing of Ganesha-armed multi-instrumentalists Carl Didur and Michael McLean have enlisted Louis Percival (a.k.a. Broken Tree Fort a.k.a. Onakabazien) to man the traps, and Colin Fisher (one half of NTW,NTF) to lay down some skin-peeling sax. This monster release travels from kraut stomp to interstellar bliss-out with stops at the circus and of course a day-trip to Canterbury. For a deeper dip into the Automaat ouevre, check this in-depth and in-the-know article from the desk of Slim Twig.

[audio:|titles=Zacht Automaat – Side II] Zacht Automaat – Side II

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birthed: 2012-08-02


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