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Veneers - Similar Stories
Hailing from our country’s most beautiful province (pure fact), St. John’s Veneers boiled their eastern-most isolation into one singularly noisy and brazenly cool record. Almost decidedly un-Haligonianin in their take on East Coast post-hardcore, this is less pop explosion and more off-equilibrium post-punk lilt. The acclaimed hardcore pedigrees of their former projects are apparent in the band’s surety, swagger and rhythms from the GSL school of sass, plus vocals from the Ad-Rock school of microphone treatment (broken). Us landlubbers might get seasick, but those from The Rock have been hardened by a life next to the waves.

[audio:|titles=Veneers – Gold Nails] Veneers – Gold Nails
[audio:|titles=Veneers – Singing Ceilings / Fatal Floors] Veneers – Singing Ceilings / Fatal Floors

file under: 12", New Canadiana, newfoundland and labrador.

birthed: 2012-08-17


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