New Canadiana :: TOPS – Tender Opposites

TOPS - Tender Opposites
In a way, TOPS embodies the Arbutus aesthetic. A world where it’s always mid-summer, where the spirit of AM radio whimsically floats on warm air, and, because this is Montreal, we can drink in the park and not worry much about rent (I write this from Toronto where we worry about rent often and our musical equivalent might be the soon to be disbanded Foxfire). In TOPS, one can hear the jazzy moxy of Sean Nicholas Savage and Grimes’ fey vocals, touches of Tonstartssbandht’s echo pop and even hints of Doldrums’ psych-synths. If Arbutus was a novel, the TOPS chapter might be subtitled “Simpler Times, Happier Times.” And in a better world, this is what Stephin Merritt’s good moods would sound like.

[audio:|titles=TOPS – Rings Of Saturn] TOPS – Rings of Saturn
[audio:|titles=TOPS – Diamond Look] TOPS – Diamond Look

file under: cassette, New Canadiana, ontario.

birthed: 2012-08-16

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