New Canadiana :: Pon de Replay – Well, It’s Been a Splice

In the past, sampling pop music has easily come off as irony for irony’s sake or overly obvious to the point of being obnoxious. But in the loving hands of Pon De Replay, the opening riff from “Jeremy” and the horns from “Creep” are tenderly cradled with a genuine respect. At no time does he ever fling it in your face as if screaming, “Remember this? Well, how do you like it now that I’ve had my way with it?” Rather, it’s like a friend playing a song for you that you’ve heard a hundred times, but only now, with them, do you really hear it. And like a good friend, he chooses the high road of sincerity over irony, elegantly weaving source material that could have been pulled from Value Village CDs with the reoccurring sounds of a flock of seagulls (a real flock of seagulls, not the band in lowercase), a splashy resurfacing beat, tape effects, and rapturous ranting. The effect is not unlike lying outside in August and staring at the sky, if the sky was made from our childhood memories of MuchMusic. Inyrdisk on a roll.

Pon de Replay – #3 (version 2)

Pon de Replay – #2 (version 2)

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birthed: 2012-08-20